Round Table: "Sometimes a Fantasy"

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This week on the Round Table, Izzie stands outside, a Seattle hotel gets a lot of new business, Cristina tries to motivate a downtrodden Preston, and Meredith begs for better dates...

Plan the perfect date with Meredith.

Meredith: More and Better Dates! Stat!
McCritic: We'd go to whine country. Get it?!?

AwayWithMerDer: Me, at home, not on it. Meredith, at home, eating ice cream and whining.

iheartizzie: As Derek and Finn have shown us, Meredith enjoys everything from romantic dinners to walks in the woods to pony births, so you could go in a number of directions when planning the ideal date. The real way to this girl's heart, though, is through her liver. Tequila shots at Joe's, baby! Woooo!

Will Cristina's new, tough-love approach to Burke's physical therapy hasten or hinder his recovery?

iheartizzie: It can't hurt, as Preston certainly wasn't looking ultra-motivated last night. The guy needs someone to light a fire under his trembling arm. There's no telling how successful his PT will ultimately be, but at the very least, Cristina picked them up a three-month supply of chicken.

Cristina Wants Results!
AwayWithMerDer: I think Cristina's got it right. Once so tough and strong, Burke has become a whiny, sniffling shell of a man. Cristina needs to whip him in shape and get him recovering in weeks. Come on Burke. Months? Years? How much patience do you think we have?

McCritic: Hasten. You don't baby Dr. Preston Burke. This is a man who accomplishes more by 6 a.m. every day than most people do in a month. He needs to be kept busy, to be pushed to the maximum, in order to realize his true potential. A Burke on the couch is a wasted, perfect human specimen.

Which of that hotel's four new residents -- Callie, Richard, Addison and Mark -- will stay the longest?

AwayWithMerDer: I see Addison and Mark buying a nice trailer together. Sure they may rich doctors, but nothing beats a home you can just drive away in. Right, McDreamy? Adele will come crawling back to Richard. Where else she going to find another man like him? He'll be back in his home in no time. That leaves Callie. The poor girl lived in the hospital for how long? I'm going to call her bluff of moving out in a week. They might as well start charging her monthly.

McCritic: Mark and Addison in a tie (or maybe handcuffs). Neither one of these sizzling singles is ready to face the real world. They'll delay such a step for as long as possible -- and seem to know how to enjoy themselves inside a hotel room as they do.

iheartizzie: Richard, as he'll be the last to run out of funds. Addison and Mark are attendings, while Callie is a lowly resident! The Chief is not only at the top of the surgical food chain, but in his prime earning years. He could buy that place.

Does Izzie have it in her to walk through those Seattle Grace doors, or will she stand outside for another couple of episodes?

Denny: Gone, But Not Forgotten

McCritic: Izz, Denny wouldn't want you to waste your life standing in the Seattle rain. You have a choice now. You get to choose. The love of your life would want you to choose surgery. And celibacy.

AwayWithMerDer: Let's not forget how tough Izzie has proved to be in the past. The girl is from a trailer park! We need her back in there and starting her relationship with Karev back up. Sexy!

iheartizzie: It rains so frequently in Seattle that you have to think a cold, damp spell will force her to go inside one of these days.

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Grey's Anatomy Season 3 Episode 3 Quotes

FINN: "I was in the neighborhood. Well, really I wasn't, but you are worth the detour."
MEREDITH: "I had a dream about you last night."
FINN: "Was it a good dream?
MEREDITH: "It was."
FINN: "What was I doing?"
CRISTINA: "Yeah, Mer, what was he doing?"

DEREK: "Hey."
MEREDITH: "Hi. I had a dream about you last night."
DEREK: "You did? What was I doing, bringing you coffee?"
MEREDITH: "You were definitely not bringing any coffee. But coffee is good."