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Is it a coincidence that "Staring at the Sun" began with Meredith talking in her voiceover about blind spots at the same time that she and Derek are in the tub together? Could this be some foreshadowing about the impending doom about to play out in their relationship?

McDreamy in the Tub
Because while seeing them together in the tub is deliciously steamy, it is hard to let go of all the drama and emotions that have led them to this point. It seems that at any moment, this bright and shiny existence may come crumbling down, just as it has before. On the other hand, they are each dark and twisty enough in their own ways to maybe make it work.

While this opening scene is certainly going down in Grey’s best scenes ever, the real story of the episode seems to be George. First of all, George and Cristina. Two people who aren’t often paired together, mainly because they are so different. But George’s dad has pulled them together in a heartbreaking way. Obviously, George wants what’s best for his dad, which normally would include the expertise of Cristina and Burke.

But George is also slowly figuring out Burke’s secret. It is somewhat ironic that the attributes that George respects in Preston – his honor, his confidence, his honesty – are the very things that Burke is currently lacking, forcing George to question his own integrity, and do the right thing.

George and Callie are also thrown together in an unexpected way in this episode, leading Callie to realize her mistake in breaking up with George. But his heart has been broken, and seeing her talking and laughing with his brothers is almost more than he can take. She made her choice, which didn’t include him, so according to George, she has no right to interact with his family – she gave that right up.

Although she may now be realizing what a huge mistake she made in ending it with George, it may just be too late. George tried his best to lay it on the line for her, but there was still something missing there. Callie knew it and George knew it. Unless George is willing to take another risk, this may be the end of the line for this twosome.

Alex Sulks After Getting Shot Down
This episode also brought Alex and Izzie together again in a new way. Alex gives Izzie the only thing he can think of that will show her he does still care – he lets her work on a patient.

But it’s not enough for Izzie to let her guard down with Alex. The pain of losing Denny is still too real for her, and moving forward with Alex would undermine Izzie’s love for Denny. But it is nice to see the spunky Izzie back a little bit, even if her character seems less bright and shiny than before.

Maybe a strong dose of reality is what the interns need, as well as some of the residents. After seeing Derek happy and moving on, Addison throws her wedding rings off the ferry in a move that shows she wants to get past him as well. But if she truly wants to get him out of her mind, keeping a relationship no matter how platonic is not a good idea.

She’s not willing to leave Seattle Grace, which means that maybe she is still holding on to some tiny thread of hope that she and he will reunite. Or maybe she does just like Seattle better.

One thing’s for sure: this episode built up a lot of suspense and tension among the characters in more ways than one. It’s obviously laying the groundwork for some passion and drama soon to come.

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