"Bad Amanda" Recap, Pics and Quotes

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Last night's episode of Ugly Betty, "Bad Amanda" mostly belong to Betty and her mooch of a roommate, Amanda.  Thw two teamed up to work on an article for the new ModeNY.com and they went out for a night on the town to do some "research."

Betty and Amanda Sample Perfume

In other news, Wilhelmina spent some time with her surrogate, Christina, and Daniel continued to persue Molly.  You can read the full "Bad Amanda" recap we wrote up to catch up.  Meanwhile, here's some pictures from some of our favorite moments:

Betty Looks at a Dress
Amanda Grabs Two Dresses
Amanda Gives Betty a Scarf
Daniel and Molly Almost Kiss
Claire Warns Daniel
Molly Tries on a Dress

We also compiled the most complete "Bad Amanda" quotes collection you'll find anywhere.  Here's our favorites:

Wilhelmina: Let's grab a drink
Christina: I'm seven months pregnant with your child
Wilhelmina: Well you can watch. I'll drink for all three of us. Come on | permalink
Christina: The sound of clinking ice cubes.. its like a Scottish lullaby | permalink
Wilhelmina: You see the way Daniel looks at her? It's like how Betty looks at a cheeseburger | permalink

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