"Bye, Bye Baby" Recap and Quotes

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Wow was Friday night's episode a rough one.  Fans of Kirby couldn't have been pleased to see Nico and him continue to struggle over her "dead husband's baby." 

At least things looked up for Wendy as she's going to have a chance to get her movie made, despite pressure from Shane against it.  Oh and go Victory for landing a major line!

Wendy Meets wih Steven

You can catch up on the full events of the episode with our "Bye, Bye Baby" recap and relive some of the funnier moments with the quotes from the episode.  Here's some of our favorites:

Nico: I was beginning to think you might not show up
Kirby: You got me. I was halfway to JFK then I realized I didn't have my passport. Come on, who do you think I am, Megan? | permalink
Kirby: Nico, I'm not going to miss out on actual work so I can stay here and be a manny | permalink
Wendy [to Maddie]: You don't want to be the girl who peaks in the ninth grade. Come with me to my high school reunion and you'll see what I mean | permalink

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Lipstick Jungle Quotes

I can't think less of you. You've smelled like mop & glow for the last week.

Victory [to Roy]

Wendy: Sounds like someone is driving without breaks.
Victory [whispers]: Gun it.