The United States of Tara: Season Two Scoop

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The United States of Tara concluded its first season last night.

With the show having already been picked up for a second season, writer/producer Alexa Junge can tease upcoming storylines.

She recently did just that, answering Khorbi Ghosh's question about whether or not viewers will learn more about Tara's fourth alter next year:

Yeah, absolutely. Certainly over time. That’s one of the amazing parts of the premise, and it’s true to actual DID cases that people can have personalities that were with them for a couple of years and then basically move out, or ones they never knew they had. It’s a treasure trove from the writing perspective in that regard. And also because each alter serves a function in the system and in her system. The more you get to know about her, the more I think you start to understand how they’re all helping.

Click on the images below to relive a few moments from the show's first season:

Kate and Marshall
Tara and Max
Tara and Son
The United States of Tara Picture
Marshall, The United States of Tara
Tara and Max Photo
Tara Photo
Tara Picture

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