Smallville Season Finale Preview: "Doomsday"

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Smallville's highly anticipates season eight finale is just two short days away.  Cassidy Freeman told us during her interview that the episode is "intense" and "there are some shockers in there."

Well after getting our hands on a clip from the episode and a few pictures, let's just say Cassidy was greatly understating it.  Some of these pictures reveal plenty of Smallville spoilers, so we're going to place them after jump.

Now watch the following clip in which Cosmic Boy returns from the future to tell Clark how he can deal with Doomsday:

[video url="/videos/doomsday-webclip/" title="Doomsday Webclip"] [/video]

For the "Doomsday" pictures, just follow the jump.

Black Canary and Impulse
Green Arrow Snipes
Black Canary and Green Arrow
Clark Goes Down
Jimmy Pulls Out an Arrow

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Smallville Quotes

Clark: Isn't it time we moved beyond these mental trials?
Jor-El: Your determination is strong, Son, but just as your passion will be your greatest strength, so, too, will it be your greatest obstacle.

Chloe: Dr. Hamilton.
Dr. Hamilton: If you would be so kind as to lower the 9mm Jericho 941. I prefer "Emil."