Peter Facinelli Dishes on Nurse Jackie Boob Grabs and Guest Stars

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While Edie Falco is rightfully winning praise for her performance on Nurse Jackie, Peter Facinelli brings much-needed comic relief to a show that centers around a cheating, pill-popping main character.

As the arrogant, air-headed Dr. Fitch Cooper, Facinelli touches the private parts of his co-workers when nervous, readily accepts gifts originally meant for someone else and is often seen eating. Sloppily.


The actor spoke to E! News about his unique character, along with what - and who - is to come on Nurse Jackie. A few excerpts:

On his character's nervous habit of breast-grabbing: Yep, a couple of times I had to grab breasts. It's always awkward actually. It's a sexual organ but it's so nonsexual. And at the same time it's supposed to be something he's not aware he's doing. It's a subconscious thing, so I have to forget I'm doing it consciously. It's actually hard to play. On paper it's really funny, but when I have to do it, it's pretty difficult.

On his two moms, played by Blythe Danner and Swoosie Kurtz: [They aren't returning] this season, but I only hope that they bring them back because they were so much fun to play off of, and they are great actors and great people.  

On future guest stars: We have Victor Garber [Alias] for two episodes. [He's in the final two eps of the season, by the way.] I don't have scenes with him. But I talked to him and hung out. When you have Edie Falco, people want to work with her.

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