Brothers & Sisters Spoilers, Pics and Clip From "Nearlyweds"

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On this Sunday's episode of Brothers & Sisters, the last of the calendar year, Justin and Rebecca are ready to walk down the aisle in a Hawaiian ceremony ... or are they?

As our Round Table panel discussed after each of the last two episodes, "Pregnant Pause" and "The Wine Festival," the two seem anything but ready to take the plunge.

Could this be Brothers & Sisters' way of foreshadowing the wedding falling apart? Or the couple triumphing over adversity? Will Rebecca's pregnancy unite or divide them?

We'll have to wait and see. We know the Walkers make it to Hawaii, though - including estranged Tommy, who's willing to risk it all to make things right with his family.

It will be very interesting to watch play out. Here's a clip from the episode in which Kitty, whose cancer we hear takes its toll at the end, helps Robert with his speech ...

[video url="" title="Nearlyweds Clip"] [/video]

Here's a look at some pictures from "Nearlyweds." Click to enlarge the images below and leave a comment with your thoughts on what will happen come Sunday night ...

Holly Pic
Kevin, Nora and Robert
Something Stinks
Mother of the Bride and Bride
Sarah and Coop
The Harpers

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