Scrubs Review: "Our First Day of School"

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Scrubs debuted with its ninth season premiere and new medical school format last night and like it or not, Scrubs 2.0 kept the same name, but not much else.

There's still a definitely feel of Scrubs, especially with J.D., Cox, Turk, Kelso and The Todd still wandering the halls of Sacred Heart.  We even got to see pregnant Elliot, who like Zach Braff, has only signed on for six episodes the season.

Lucy Versus Cox

However, the new teaching aspects and focus on the new students, in particular the new narrator, Lucy, have have made it clear the show has changed.  We certainly enjoyed the half hour, but whether show will survive once Braff has finished up his six episodes will have to be seen.

There's certainly enough strong supporting characters in the new Scrubs cast that we hope so and as the second bonus half hour thrown in last night proved, there's plenty new material to cover with the medical school thrown in.  More on that coming in in our more detailed review of the second episode. 

Now for some of our favorite Scrubs quotes from the season nine premiere:

Dr. Cox: You're not medical students. You are all murders and assassins sent here to kill my patients. | permalink
Denise: If you're gonna kill yourself, and I'm looking at you sad eyes, do it off campus, it's a ton of paperwork. | permalink
Turk: Is that what you're wearing to teach?
J.D.: I'll have you know this is the very jacket Michelle Pfeiffer wore in Dangerous Minds. | permalink
J.D.: Hey Todd, will do you do me a favor and sit on this?
The Todd: Dude or chick? Wait, don't tell me. I'm fine either way. | permalink

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Scrubs Season 9 Episode 1 Quotes

Don't smell people, it's weird.

Denise [to Lucy]

Thank you so much for making mommies boobs so big, they're almost juggs.

J.D. [to Elliot's belly]