Caprica Round Table: "Rebirth"

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Welcome to the Caprica Round Table!

We've alread given fans our initial reaction to this week's episode, "Rebirth," in our weekly review of the SyFy series.

Below, however, our staff has gathered for an in-depth Round Table discussion of various developments and characters. We encourage reader feedback on the topics/responses that follow...

The use of Avatar Zoe vs. Cylon robot: Cool or lame?
M.L. House: I'm torn. They have to humanize the robot, but it felt manipulative to show its human form during particularly painful moments, such as when the mean tech dude treated the Cylon like a machine. Call me old-fashioned, but I still can't look at it yet as something other than engineered parts.

LJ Gibbs: Cool. It sums up the entire dilemma of the Cylons. It's more than a machine, but less than a person. What better way to depict that than by transitioning between shots and scenes?

The Barnacle: Oh, very cool.  I'll take any excuse to look at a pretty actress over a robot.  Plus, it sort of made sense as they show avatar Zoe in shots from her perspective, and Cylon robot from others.  I dug it.

Caprica RT

Favorite unique feature of Caprica: Group marriages, Drug bars or Little Tauron?
M.L. House: Little Tauron. Yes, we have Little Italy and Chinatown in modern America. But there's clearly a racist vibe to how the Taurons have been treated, one driven home by the ethnicity of the actors that play these roles. Giving these characters their own section of the city can only lead to an expansion on this interesting dichotomy.

LJ Gibbs: As someone that believes drugs should be legal in the United States, gotta go with the bars in Caprica that seem to openly embrace extracurricular activities of this nature.

The Barnacle: As a Big Love fan, I've seen polygamous relationships before, but never one with multiple husbands and wives!  And, please, drug bars exist in Amsterdam and I'm pretty sure they just shot the scene for Little Tauron in Little Italy.

What will happen to the Graystones, following Amanda's speech?
M.L. House: Gotta figure they'll go underground for awhile and Daniel will start out on a new mission: proving that his daughter was not a terrorist. Their marriage will also continue to fall apart.

LJ Gibbs: It's hard to say, but I feel confident about what will happen to their private security costs: they'll increase dramatically.

The Barnacle: I'm sure it's nothing the Graystone Industries PR machine can't fix.  Deny, deny, deny!

Who is your favorite Pyramid team?
M.L. House: The Battlestar Galactica Prequels. I'm just really curious to see where their season takes them.

LJ Gibbs: The Dallas Cowbots. They're cheerleaders are gorgeous.

The Barnacle: Call me a bandwagon fan, but I'm going with the Caprica Buccanneers.

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