Life Unexpected Cast Reveals Upcoming Storylines, Spoilers

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A few weeks into its critically-acclaimed first season, Life Unexpected has solidified a loyal fan base.

As you might expect, these viewers are dying to know: what can they expect over the next few weeks?

Let's find out, courtesy of various Life Unexpected cast members. They spoke to TV Guide and dished on a possible wedding; radio station antics; and a major fight that will find a character on her own...

Kerr Smith, on the season's theme: "Crumble would be the theme of the season, or chaos or stupid madness. It just gets really crazy. Cate's world breaks down, due to her own making."

Shiri Appleby, on her and Baze's secret getting out: "Lux is so angry at Cate that she just outs them. Cate goes through a process where Ryan and Lux get mad at her, and she becomes really humbled because she's left all alone due to the choices she's made in her past... Everything starts falling apart, she's constantly eating junk food, drinking wine and the house is a disaster."

Brittany Robertson, on Lux and her family: "You'll see throughout the episodes that Lux does loosen up on Cate a little bit and realizes that she is trying, does love Lux and wants to be a mother figure. It takes a little bit of fixing to figure it out."

Girl talk

As for wedding talk, it's coming from all sides:

  • "We're building towards a wedding," said Appleby.
  • "Put it this way, a wedding will be planned," said executive producer Liz Tigelaar. 
  • "That [engagement] ring changes hands a lot of times this year," said Smith.

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