Modern Family Review: "Moon Landing"

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Of all the reasons we love Modern Family, one that often stands out the most is the unique pairings this show can come up with.

By creating such hilarious, interesting characters that work on so many levels, episodes can deviate from the Dunphy or Pritchett households and have different family members hanging out with one another... with hysterial consequences, of course.

This is a feature that few other sitcoms can pull of. Think about it: how often do you see Jim and Kevin spending quality time together on The Office?

On "Moon Landing," however, viewers were treated to storylines that pitted Jay with Cameron; Gloria with Mitchell; and Phil with a mustache. Let's review each...

Through the build-up of their friendship, it was easy to believe that Jay and Cameron would eventually play racquetball. Put aside the jokes for a moment, and you can retrace the evolution of this relationship: Jay wasn't too comfortable with Cam on the pilot episode; he earned more respect for him when the two watched football together a couple weeks later; and now they're hanging out one-on-one for the first time.

And, quite possibly, the last time. That's what happens when you rub bare backsides in the locker room. This was a great showcase for Ed O'Neill as Jay, as he's made that character into a much more mature Al Bundy. Occasionally crass and self-centered, Jay is nothing if not big-hearted.

Moon Landed

There aren't two more opposite characters on the show, meanwhile, than Jay and Cameron's other halves. Have we ever seen Gloria and Mitchell together for an extended period of time? We don't think so.

This storyline clicked due to the contrast between Gloria's abrasiveness and Mitchell's good manners. But Manny stole the show. The scene where he pretended to tie his shoe, yet feverishly explained to Mitchell that his mother was a terrible driver, was as simple and as funny as it gets. I've said too much already. Priceless.

As often happens, though, the Dunphys - and Phil's mustache - provided the most laughs this week.

We had Dylan accidentally channeling Say Anything with his iPhone (please say you watched the snippet after the final commercial break); Luke learning about Jagermeister; Phil revealing his college deejay past, getting stuck in a port-o-potty and, oh, DONNING A FAKE MUSTACHE... all while Claire was learning about the amazing life of former friend Valerie.

It was almost distracting to have Driver speak in an American accident, but lines about her numerous lovers and being the "head of Europe" would have been funny in any accent.

Even the closing monologue, which can offer pour on the cheese a bit too much, was short, simple and ended with a punchline. This show just keeps getting better and better each week.

We've posted our favorite Modern Family quotes from the episode below:

Phil: Luke, that is very offensive to women. Your mom works very hard, just now she works for us. | permalink
Phil: You know how in a fairy tale there's always a potion that makes the princess fall asleep and then the guys start kissing her? Well, this is like that except you don't wake up in a castle — you wake up in a frat house with a bad reputation. | permalink
Manny: She can't take criticism about her driving. Once an old lady yelled at her at a crosswalk, she honked so long, the horn ran out. | permalink
Cameron: Oh sure, when you're gay you just walk around giving butt bumps to everybody. It's like a high-five — it's a low two. | permalink

Did we miss any? Which were your favorites?

Moon Landing Review

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