Chuck & Blair vs. Dan & Blair: More Gossip Girl Teasers

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The Gossip Girl PR machine is firing on all cylinders leading up to the show's hugely-hyped return Monday night. Executive producer Stephanie Savage is offering up more sound bites than we can even keep track of. Her latest? Juicy tidbits on Chair ... and Dair.

That's right, you've probably heard the rumors going around that something is to happen between Dan and Blair on Gossip Girl. Impossible, right? Well, to quote Steph ...

“There are only so many combinations [you can explore] on the show, so I think you have to be open to all of them at some point. So, certainly, we have an open mind when it comes to them… Those two are really gold when they’re together."

"They have great on-screen chemistry.”


In the Play

DARE TO DAIR: It could happen ... maybe.

We'll just let that one simmer and move on to what she calls good news about Chuck and Blair: “The good news about Chuck and Blair is that when we come back [in Monday's "The Hurt Locket"] they’ve got a really incredible run with each other," Savage says.

"They’re [involved] in a very emotional storyline regarding the mystery lady at Bart’s grave. They solve that mystery together and it’s a great example of Chuck and Blair working together and being very emotionally supportive of each other.”

Pretty much in line with what we've read and heard up until now.

As for this winter's Gossip Girl spoiler that shall not be spoken of ...

"We feel those guys are made for each other,” Stephanie says of Chair. “But it’s not going to be an easy ride because of their personalities and their dynamic. It’s our job to throw some obstacles in their path, but we always root for them to find their way back to each other.”

Well, that's not carefully worded at all!

Thoughts? Opinions? Concerns? General observations? Do you think Chair will end up together in the end, or is a bizarre Dair hookup waiting in the wings?

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