The Big Bang Theory Review: "The Excelsior Acquisition"

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With pretty much the ultimate geek icon, Stan Lee, appearing on an episode of The Big Bank Theory, the bar is set pretty high.  Though Lee is pretty much willing to make a cameo in anything (see Mallrats or any Marvel comic book movie ever), it still never gets old to see this guy.

Stan Lee on The Big Bang Theory

Unfortunately, Lee was used more as a prop, advancing the plot and serving as a source of jokes, without actually appearing on screen himself until the end of the epiosde.  Luckily, Lee's appearance in a set of Fantastic Four pajamas more than made up for his shortened screen time to us.  Plus, hey, it's a cameo.  What do you expect?

The episode itself still had plenty of funny jokes, whether it was Raj's hilarious shirt and sound effects (for sale on Think Geek), or Sheldon completely belittling the judge, we were laughing.  Despite being pretty funny, the episode felt a little too sitcomy for The Bang Bang Theory.

Though it's a sitcom, its geeky nature holds it to a higher standard in our mind than say Lorre's Two and a Half Men.  Really?  An excuse just to throw Sheldon in jail?  Eh, who are we kidding, we were laughing.  Our favorite Big Bang Theory quotes are after the jump.

Wolowitz: Damn paper cut. Nothing worse than a paper cut!
Raj: Obviously you don't remember your circumcision. | permalink
Penny: Sheldon's in jail.
Leonard: What'd he do?
Penny: The same crap he normally does, except to a judge. | permalink
Sheldon: I don't trust banks. I believe that when the robots rise up, ATM's will lead the charge. | permalink
Sheldon: How can I possibly discuss with Stan Lee the scientific foundations for inter-stellar flight on a silver surfboard when part of my brain will be scanning his face for signs of contagious skin disease? | permalink

The Excelsior Acquisition Review

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The Big Bang Theory Season 3 Episode 16 Quotes

Wolowitz: Damn paper cut. Nothing worse than a paper cut!
Raj: Obviously you don't remember your circumcision.

Did he finally write a sequel to his autobiography? I'm sure ages 79 to 87 were just action packed.

Sheldon [about Stan Lee]