Cougar Town Review: "Letting You Go"

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Ohh emmm geee!!!

Jules and Grayson

All of us Cougar Town fanatics have been waiting for this moment ALL season long! The sparks between Jules and Grayson have been building up this moment for forever! How it happened really did come as a surprise for us because we were really not sure when either of them would make a move! Or who would be the first to make it!

"Letting You Go" had to be our favorite episode of the season - not just because the two lovebirds finally got together, but there was plenty of crazy fun humor throughout the show for each of the main characters.

Let's begin with Travis - how great was it that not only Jules watched him sleep, but it became sort of a ritual with the other girls to come over and watch him sleep!? Even when he tried to get back at his mom by watching her sleep, Jules was able to take this creepy, yet comical situation all to another level!

Bobby's dog is also pretty awesome. That whole scene with him fetching the golf balls was classic. Our only question is - how do you paint a meatball white?

Laurie definitely knows how to play the crazy hot girl quite well. The only way she becomes aroused is by dramatic situations. Oddly enough, this not only doesn't freak Smith out, but he gets into it and even pretends to fight with her ex boyfriend.

Andy by far was the funniest one last night. He is so submissive to Ellie that the only "me" time he has is in the middle of the night when she is sound asleep. Watching his face as he triumphantly released the bag of kettle corn was hilarious!

Dance Party!

Not only did this week's episode fill us with the humor that we've come to know and love about Cougar Town, but it also touched on a very heart warming subject - Travis flying the coop and going to college.

Every parent eventually has to deal with this situation and the writers were able to show us how hard it can be - even if Travis is only twenty minutes from home; he is still gone.

Now that Jules and Grayson are officially hooking up - do you think that they will start dating? Are you a fan of Juleson?!? Do you think that if they do become "official" that it would work out or end tragically in burning flames?

There were so many great quotes this week. Follow the jump to read a few of our favorite Cougar Town quotes!

Jules: Is it going to kill the mood if I go brush my teeth and shave my legs?
Grayson: Yeah.
Jules: Oh okay fine. | permalink
Travis: Are you watching me sleep?
Jules: You don't usually wake up. | permalink
Jules: Sleepy show is canceled tonight.
Ellie: Damn it. | permalink
Jules: Wine in the morning on the weekends. Lets all think about it people.
Bobby: Think about what?
Grayson: Morning drinking. | permalink
Ellie: Wow so it's either college twenty minutes away in Sarasota or twenty hours away in California. Which one do you want him to go to?
Jules: Doesn't really matter what I want. It's his choice.
Travis: The weather is so good in California.
Jules: Yeah, and it also has earthquakes and race riots. So you know, everybody just calm down.
Ellie: And there it is. | permalink

Letting You Go Review

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Cougar Town Season 1 Episode 21 Quotes

Jules: Wine in the morning on the weekends. Lets all think about it people.
Bobby: Think about what?
Grayson: Morning drinking.

That's how it started for my Uncle Max - then he bought some wigs and changed his name to Maxine, but you know what is really funny? He still goes by Max.