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Although "Epiphany" wove together the days gone by on the Lane - leading us into the life of Eddie and his interactions with the housewives - this episode was less than captivating. As expected, Eddie has a troubled past – and a longing to be loved by anyone, especially the ladies of Fairview. 

His mother, a washed up alcoholic, who is quite bitter that her life has not turned out as planned, ignores Eddie on a regular basis unless she feels like degrading him for anything and everything after downing her daily dose of Scotch. 

Being rejected by his mom who tells him “It’s not your fault you ruined my life,” Eddie seeks out the affections of other equally lonely housewives to fill the maternal void that has taken over his life.  I found it entertaining that Eddie’s childhood home was one street over from Wisteria Lane, where all of the real housewives live. 

Also surprising that with these nosy neighbors there could be a crazy neighbor that hadn’t hit the town gossip mill before. 

Brenda Strong on Desperate Housewives

The flashbacks that followed left me bored, frankly, with the only exception being the window into how Gaby met young Eddie. 

It made me realize how much I had missed the “original” Gaby, who would be the one to have a young boy give her a pedicure and unpack her boxes.  The way these two lounged around day after day was quite uncomfortable to watch, but did allow for some clever insertions of Gaby’s initial take on the other housewives on the lane.

The best? How Gaby refers to Bree as “the one who’s parents named her after cheese. Cute.  As she hides from yet another visitor bringing a cake to welcome her to the neighborhood, she tells her young cohort, Eddie, that she just doesn’t get it... I mean, does she look like she eats cake?  Oh, Gaby, of course not – you are far too beautiful to eat anything with any substance.  Thanks for reminding us. 

Equally as disturbing as Gaby eating cake, is that we get a glimpse into Eddie picking up a prostitute.  There are prostitutes in Fairview?  Seems odd, considering that aside from the G-rated killing that is happening in this town, the rest is pretty much a carbon copy of Pleasantville.  What’s happening to this show? Is Desperate getting more and more desperate?  

Overall, we still don’t embrace this deranged killer as a character we want to see any more of going forward. 

It’s a good thing Eddie will most likely reach his demise in an upcoming episode, because there is just not much more to say about this one-off add-on character.  Although we do feel bad for Eddie, who is admittedly his mother’s biggest mistake in life, we still don’t feel bad enough to want to like him that much, especially when he then kills his own mother.  Not a whole lot of depth to this character revelation I have to say. 

I preferred the slew of mystery neighbors that have come and gone in years past – most of whom have at one point or another been accused of some dark crime.  This attempted flashback just seemed too segmented and predictable for our liking.  Hopefully, next week will get back to a real storyline with more character interaction and interesting turns – but we won’t hold our breath.

A few of our favorite Desperate Housewives quotes from the episode, all courtesy of Gaby:

Gaby: Really, does it look like I eat cake? | permalink
Gaby [on Bree]: You mean the woman whose parents named her after cheese? I like my robots to be more life-like. | permalink
Gaby: I thought maybe for a second that Susan Mayer lady and I might be friends, but then she started talking. | permalink
Gaby: [Lynette] is louder than someone on fire! | permalink

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Desperate Housewives Season 6 Episode 20 Quotes

You mean the woman whose parents named her after cheese? I like my robots to be more life-like.

Gaby [on Bree]

Really, does it look like I eat cake?