The Ghost Whisperer Review: "Dead Eye"

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We LOVED last night's episode of The Ghost Whisperer!

"Dead Eye" had everything in it that make us love this show so much! The spooky storyline mixed with romantic love, and of course, more mysterious shadow storyline!

Charlie Hammond on Ghost Whisperer

What did you make out of Bedford's return? He is dead, but definitely not gone. And as a ghost he is even more wicked and scary! His warning to Melinda about nothing being what it seems and for her to trust nothing and no one was very troubling. Do you believe he is trying to help her or actually have her killed? We don't see anything good coming from anything he says.

Who are those people that Melinda and Aiden saw? We hope that they are somehow connected back to the shadows, but it looks like we may have another being to deal with! And how creepy was Aiden last night? He has the ability to see things that Melinda can't - and we think this puts a huge target on his back.

This show can really spook us sometimes and one thing is for sure - a dead clown is very creepy! Thankfully, he didn't stay dressed up the entire episode.

The main storyline this week was really interesting. We had a woman who just won the lotto and as much as anyone would think this would be an amazing blessing, it turned into a curse. She couldn't trust anyone anymore and wasn't sure what motives were behind anything.

What would you do in her circumstances? Stay with your high school sweetheart and be unsure of his reasons for wanting marriage or run away like she did?

This proves a good point with the whole debate that money is the root of all evil. People change when they get rich and it was really nice to see that Sherri's character just wanted to donate it all to charities.

Off topic - how great was Todd? He has us when he wanted to name his first born Tebow! The was just amazing. And who doesn't love a happy ending?

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Todd: Getting married is like showering - don't do it unless you need to. | permalink
Eli: That's more zeros than I have actually dollars. | permalink
Charlie: Money like that changes people. | permalink
Todd: I just spent the night in the woods, is all. | permalink
Eli: I love angry teenagers. | permalink

Dead Eye Review

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The Ghost Whisperer Season 5 Episode 18 Quotes

Eli: I wouldn't rule off the daughter.
Melinda: She's fifteen.
Eli: Even better.

I love angry teenagers.