United States of Tara Review: "Doin' Time"

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Last night on United States of Tara, everyone was pretty much waving their freak flags high.

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"Doin' Time" did a great job of allowing each of the main characters to be fully aware of where they are in life and what their actions have done to create the situations they are currently in.

Let's take a closer look at each of them:

Charmaine: She seems to finally get the guy of her dreams - he is gorgeous, smart, has a great job, and is totally in love with her - BUT she lusts after another man (who happens to be the father of her unborn child). During the final moments of last night show, she fully admits to Tara what a messed up situation she is in. She states that:

Charmaine: I want my wedding pictures with Nick, but I want my wedding night with Neal. | permalink

Marshall: He finally comes out to his family about being gay. He tries to break it off with Courtney, but she is pretty insistent that they still be an item. He realizes that the mess he got himself into because he wasn't honest with himself in the first place, isn't as easy to get out of as he originally thought.

Kate: She seems to have it the most together right now, but we know that the video she created of Princess Vahalla Hawkwind will play a very pivotal role in her life. Also, what is up with Kate smoking so much pot lately? And really - how can Max and Tara be so oblivious?

Max: He finally understands the reasons why he decided to beat on Sully - even if it did take going to jail to put it in perspective for him. Max has so much pent up anger for his wife and finally let out his aggression on someone else. He realizes that as much as he hates to admit it, he can't offer Tara the help she really needs. It is interesting that at the end of the episode, he goes to Shoshana to seek the counseling he needs.

Last, but definitely not least - Tara:  She has struggled with her alters forever and finally she is able to get somewhere with the help of Shoshana - her new alter! Really? How does that even work? Did Tara create Shoshana to help her be able to see things from her past that she completely blocked off? Who is Mimi? We can't wait to see what else Dr. Shoshana is able to get out of Tara's brain!

What did you think of last night's episode? We were blown away that Max would confront Pammy about her relationship with Buck. That whole scene was a bit uncomfortable for us to even just watch!

Follow the jump for a couple of our favorite United States of Tara quotes:

Kate: Why does Mrs. Butterworth need to be black? And Aunt Jemima too. That's some f***ed up racial pancake s**t.
Marshall: Mrs. Butterworth isn't black; she's just filled with syrup. She's clear.
Kate: Hmm...she's a clearcasian. | permalink
Charmaine: As a family we are completely fu**ed. | permalink
Pammy: I don't know your wife, I had a thing for Buck. | permalink
Kate: (to Marshall) I saw your girlfriend earlier, did you kick her life a meth habit? | permalink
Police Officer: Is this your wife sir?
Max: Who knows? | permalink

Doin' Time Review

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United States of Tara Season 2 Episode 5 Quotes

Police Officer: Is this your wife sir?
Max: Who knows?

But my fiancé wasn't even in town then.