United States of Tara Review: "The Truth Hurts"

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Last night on United States of Tara, we learned that no matter how painful a situation can be, it is always best to tell the truth.

Tara chose to lie to her family instead. She didn't want them to know that she was changing back into one of her alters. Of course, the truth came back to bite her in the a**.

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There were many funny parts in "The Truth Hurts" - one of our favorites was when Kate smoked out Marshall. The fact that they were really high running around the room spraying air freshener so their parents wouldn't know what they were up to - was simply hilarious! How great was it watching them ice skate high?

Kate's new friend, Lynda, definitely is interesting to say the very least! We feel that she brings in a new sense of outlook for Kate. The way she lives her life and how her art empowers everything - does make for interesting TV!

In all seriousness, this show really explores the difficulty it must be to be someone with multiple personalities and be the loved ones in their life. When Max stormed out of the ice skating rink and beat up his friend Sully, it really showed the level of anger and pain he is dealing with.

We agree with Neal. People don't really change. It takes a very strong willed person to be able to change completely and usually everyone falls off the wagon a couple of times. That is why we found it so naive of Max to think Tara has changed. Her level of disorder doesn't just go away overnight.

Why do you think Tara waited two weeks to break it off with Pammy? Wouldn't one morning waking up naked in bed next to Pammy be enough of an incentive to end things? Tara had to realize that this relationship would blow up in her face. We just don't understand why she wouldn't end things or at least let Max in on it beforehand.

Marshall is also going through a lot of changes. He is now dating a girl - and trying to understand his sexual preferences. We agree with everyone - he is clearly gay. We just hope he doesn't have sex with her! If he does, we bet there will be a pregnant scare!

What did you make of last night's episode?

Until next week, we leave you with a few of our favorite United States of Tara quotes after the jump!

Max: All I've done is be good to you. All I've ever done is be good to you. | permalink
Marshall: Can I ask you something, what does dogs in a bathtub mean? | permalink
Kate: This s**t is biblical. Here I'll smoke you out. | permalink
Pammy: It's always the diseases fault, not just someone being an a**hole. | permalink
Kate: Bull sh*t you just think all white people look alike. | permalink
Tara: Marshall is dating a girl? I guess that makes sense on opposite day. | permalink

The Truth Hurts Review

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United States of Tara Season 2 Episode 3 Quotes

Marshall is dating a girl? I guess that makes sense on opposite day.


I just can't tell him I am transitioning again.