United States of Tara Review: "You Becoming You"

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Last night's episode of United States of Tara may not have involved Buck and his girl Pammy - at all - but, the show was able to make things even more complicated with the appearance of a new alter!

Tara's Man

In "You Becoming You", the alter came because Tara is so desperate to find a new therapist. Her neighbor gives her a book written by a psychologist that triggers something in her to become this retro shrink. We have to say, we kind of really like this alter!

So far, the Doc has given Tara the ability to remember things that happened in her past. Something happened when she was very little and we are anxious to find out more! Even Tara mentioned that something about the Hubbard house has triggered her alters to come back. (BTW, how hot was that seen where Tara and Max did it out in the lawn!?)

Now we know that there are five alters - do you think they will continue to multiply or will the Doc be the last new one? We love how the simplest little thing can snap something inside of Tara to get her to change into one of these personalities - it is quite facinating!

Gosh, how awkwardly funny and kind of gross was the scene with Marshall and Courtney. At least, it lead to Marshall figuring out his sexual preference. Let's just hope that Courtney doesn't get knocked up!

Our new favorite character on this show has to be Lynda - hands down! She has such a unique and empowering aura that has unleashed the creative side of Kate. We feel that Lynda will play a pivotal role in Tara's life as well. What do you think?

Charmaine is our least favorite person - for whatever reason she really annoys us so we really don't ever bring her character up in the reviews. Now she wants to buy the Hubbard house? All her character brings to life is trouble. How do you feel about Charmaine - love her or love to hate her?

Until next week's crazy adventures, we leave you with a few of our favorite United States of Tara quotes after the jump!

Max: Who's the parent around here?
Kate: No one! | permalink
Tara: I don't trust these small town locals - I am too... | permalink
Courtney: I think it's supposed to be hard. | permalink
Kate: Got it, like Barbie - no holes. | permalink
Charmaine: On you know what I realized this morning? My bedroom window overlooks the Hubbard backyard and it has quite a view! | permalink

You Becoming You Review

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United States of Tara Season 2 Episode 4 Quotes

On you know what I realized this morning? My bedroom window overlooks the Hubbard backyard and it has quite a view!


Tara: What happened to your neck?
Max: A door-to-door werewolf.