Glee Review: Down with Global Warming, Up with Anger Sex!

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Typically, a Glee episode with so little Sue Sylvestor would leave us more disappointed than Brittany when she eventually realizes that dolphins aren't just gay sharks.

But Sue's paltry role on "Dream On" was understandable, as this was Neil Patrick Harris' chance to shine. He played Bryan Ryan, a former social choir member that turned bitter after his career flamed out, but remained hilarious in the eyes of viewers.

Bryan resents Will, loves anger sex, would probably not feed sheet music to a child and thinks global warming is a theory.

He can also go vocal chord to vocal chord, and facial expression to facial expression, with Will, as their duet of "Dream On" was one of my favorite performances in show history (purchase it now from our Glee music section!).

Rivals Meet

But while Harris' school board member stole the laughs, Rachel and Artie tugged at our hearts.

The most significant development of the season took place with the former, as rumors about Idina Menzel's Shelby Corcoran as Rachel's birth mother proved to be true. The resemblance between her and Lea Michele really is eerie.

If this means more duets between mother and daughter, we say: bring them together ASAP! Sorry, Susan Boyle, but Shelby and Rachel's "I Dreamed a Dream" rivals your rendition of this Les Miserable classic.

The one criticism viewers often have of Glee is that episodes and storylines simply jump around from topic to topic. There's not exactly fluidity to storylines and relationships. But Rachel's mother is someone the character has referenced on multiple occasions and it's nice to see movement on this front. I wanna know, though: will we ever meet Rachel's gay dads?

There seems to be endless comic and heartwarming material there.

What did you think of the episode? What was your favorite song? Respond to those questions as you check out the following Glee quotes from "Dream On."
Artie: I'm never gonna dunk a basketball or kill a lion. I need to focus on dreams I can make come true. | permalink
Bryan: Should I lock the door?
Sue: No, I've got a secret room upstairs. Like Letterman. | permalink
Bryan: You ever heard of the term anger sex?
Sue: The only kind I know. | permalink
Will: Glee club... it's about expressing yourself to yourself. | permalink
Rachel: Do you wanna hear my research that proves my mother is Bernadette Peters? | permalink
Jesse: You singing Don't Cry for Me Argentina in front of a sold out crowd isn't a fantasy. It's an inevitability. | permalink
Bryan: Dont make that face. Global warming is a theory. | permalink

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Show biz dreams are the most unrealistic of them all.


Dont make that face. Global warming is a theory.