NCIS Season Finale Preview: Is Gibbs Going Rogue?

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We've heard for months about how the seventh season of NCIS will culminate in a "life-changing decision" for Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs. But what exactly will that entail?

If the season finale promo below is any indication, he goes behind Vance's back and breaks every rule in the book (see our previous article on the mystery of Rule #51).

Captured in Mexico at the end of last week's "Patriot Down" (see review), Gibbs is brought before the head of the Reynosa drug cartel when the finale begins tomorrow.

But rather than killing Gibbs in retaliation for him taking out Pedro Hernandez decades ago, it appears the cartel has other plans - namely having him deliver a package.

What does the package contain, and what decision does Gibbs make that sends shock waves across NCIS? Check out the promo below and tell us what you think ...

[video url="" title="Rule Fifty-One Promo"] [/video]

Will Gibbs end up leaving the team, leaving his return in doubt as we head into the summer? Will he put his life at risk to do what he feels is right? What are your theories?

Here are some photos from the episode as well:

Vance, Gibbs
Rule 51
Gibbs in Mexico

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