The Gossip Girl Plus-Minus Index 05/18/2010

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Below are excerpts from the weekly Gossip Girl postmortem in New York Magazine. We're sure you'll have your own ones after an episode like we just witnessed.

Here are some of their thoughts on the Gossip Girl season finale ...

  • Dorota admits to de-friending Chuck "on Facebook and in life" on Blair's orders, which was cute, even if Chuck would never be on Facebook, so Even for that.
  • Blair uses the term “Basshat.” Plus 1. The term “asshat” was coined by Marisa on The OC shortly after it had caught on with cool kids across the country.
  • Georgina just walks into Chuck and Nate's apartment, no key card, no nothing. Minus 1. Why are people always doing that on this show?
  • Serena wears a plunging top with no bra to the hospital? Plus 10.
  • Gossip Girl calls Chuck and Blair “Waldass”? That’s almost as bad as the title card on her blog, “Empire State Building of Mind.” Minus 2
Important Scene
  • Dan ruins a sweet moment by needling Serena about her daddy issues. Plus 4. Serena doesn't notice. Plus 1.
  • Who, when punishing their child, sends them to live in a parentless loft in another borough? Minus 3 for expecting us to believe Rufus would do that.
  • First of all, this Jenny and Chuck thing would never, ever happen. Minus 100. Even the actors looked like they didn’t want to go through with it.
  • Jenny finally takes off her raccoon makeup and looks pretty again! Plus 2.
  • Okay, not only was Chuck going to propose to Blair (Minus 100, because they are what, like 19 years old?), but after spending a day on the roof of the Empire State Building, he waited until he was in the lobby of a hospital? Minus 10.

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