United States of Tara Review: "Explosive Diorama"

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Last night  United States of Tara was really the first episode that Tara did not change into one of her alters. This is perhaps with the help of her new BFF Lynda - yes, Kate's old idol - but, we aren't too sure that this new Tara will last.

One has to think that Tara being able to express her art in a new environment without Max, Marshall, and Kate around has something to do with it, but maybe this non altered Tara really is another alter?

Okay stay with us here - maybe this Tara is one that wants to be free of her family and responsibilities - she really seems enamored by Lynda's lifestyle. Perhaps this is a new alter that wants to be like Lynda?

Kate in Costume

"Explosive Diorama" had some ridiculous scenes almost bordering on pornography. It all had to do with Kate and her knew "profession". Would you call Kate a prostitute? Porn star?

Really, she is only steps away from becoming one. I don't care how many Vespas and Magic Bullets you can get for free - we don't think anything is worth the price of your own dignity. And really, how much self respect can you have after someone jerks off to you sitting on a bunch of balloons...gross!

At first we thought Charmaine was crazy to believe that Nick would understand her infidelity and still want to marry her and raise another mans child, but he does stick by her anyway! We love this show and the zany predicaments the characters find themselves in each week, but this was way too Jerry Springer for us! They even gave Neil a ride home from the art show - can we say awkward!


Why is Marshall snorting A-bombs in the bathroom with his thirty-something neighbor? This friendship is strange and we can foresee something bad happening here...

What about the final scene with Max going to the bar where Pammy works and she lets him in! Will this mean that these two will bond over a couple of drinks? Bringing Max to have a non-platonic friendship with Pammy?! We hope not!!!

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Lionel: Tommy Bahama is like Ed Hardy for sixty-five year old fat men. | permalink
Lynda: I gave up on the white floor bright light scene a long time ago and I feel much better here. | permalink
Marshall: God stop with your pimping actions - just let a young man live his life. | permalink
Guy: Do you have any cake?
Kate: Cake? Why?
Guy: I was hoping you could sit on it. | permalink
Lionel: Oh Marshall's coming out of his little turtle shell. | permalink
Lynda: You make art with all your selves. | permalink

Explosive Diorama Review

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United States of Tara Season 2 Episode 8 Quotes

You know I thought about keeping it just so I could be reminded that my actions affect others.


You make art with all your selves.