True Blood Round Table: "I Smell a Rat"

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Sookie is a fairy and Sam is a killer.

These newly-discovered facts have given our staff plenty to discuss from this week's new episode of True Blood. We encourage readers to chime in and sound off on the topics below, as the latest edition of the TV Fanatic Round Table is underway...

What was your favorite True Blood quote from the episode?
M.L. House: Gotta give it up for Summer... for her willingness to give it up for Hoyt: "I can tell you're a sexual person, Hoyt Fortenberry... I know God wants girls to wait, but I'm right about you."

The Barnacle: Just cause that punk Tommy had it coming, I loved Hoyt's response to his "Nice job in there."  That quote, of course, being a quick sucker punch to the face.

Mrs. Northman: Pam is by far is one of the funniest characters on True Blood. When Eric questions why she interrupted him, she responses: "Blah, blah... vampire emergency. Blah." Just plain awesome.

ViddWizard: Sookie's "I'm a fairy? How f@cking lame!" Such a great way to open the episode. But as Mrs Northman pointed out, Pam's method of asking Eric to step outside to talk to her was classic, thought a half step behind Sookie for me.

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Did Jason do the right thing by telling Tara about Eggs?
M.L. House: No. This is a classic example of something that seems selfless and noble actually being 100% selfish and, ummm, un-noble. What did Jason accomplish by revealing this fact to Tara? Nothing except the alleviation of his own guilty conscience. He couldn't even follow through on that kiss and at least rock her world first. Think about others for once, J.

The Barnacle: No way.  Do we really need to bring up the past and give Tara any more excuses to cry and feel sorry for herself.  Talk about a Debbie Downer.

Mrs. Northman: Eh. I think he should've just let it lie. Eggs is dead and you can't bring him back. Why put Tara thought even more emotional grief? Just so that you have a clear conscience? Isn't that the selfish thing to do?

ViddWizard: I agree that Jason should have told Tara about Eggs, but as with all things Jason, his timing leaves a lot to be desired. Tara is a wreck from being abused by Franklin; and then seeing him explode is a lot to process. If Jason had come to me, I would have advised him to wait till Tara was a little more stable before telling her.

Should Arlene do away with her pregnancy?
M.L. House: Yes. Not because the child will be born inherently evil, that's just silly. But because the world can't handle another person that talks like Rene. Just enunciate, dude!

The Barnacle: Uh oh, our True Blood Round Table has entered into dangerous, deep territory with this debate.  We got a combination of abortion and nature vs nurture in one question. Can't we just talk about Sookie's breasts instead??

Mrs. Northman: Hmm...I am not one to advocate abortions - but the baby inside her does have half the fathers' genes. I'd say no and hope for the best!

ViddWizard: I don't believe any baby is born evil (no normal, human baby anyway), regardless of who the father was. I agree with Terry that surrounding the baby with love is all you can do. I won't say that I am pro-abortion or pro-life, but more pro-education. In this case, Arlene needs to learn that she has an amazing man in Terry; him stepping up and saying he would raise the baby as his own was incredible!

What was your reaction to Sam's flashback: You da man, or Arrest that man?
M.L. House: My reaction to his flashback? Thank goodness this dragged-out family plot finally has served an entertaining, enlightening purpose!

The Barnacle: You know why Sam's da man?  For no longer slicking back his hair.  I didn't even know who the hell that guy was during the first flashback. 

Mrs. Northman: Grey area. It was an accident... well, killing the girl was an accident. The guy? Yeah, that was pretty creepy on Sam's part. Who knew he was a natural born killer?

ViddWizard: We all have demons from our past. Sometimes those demons are bigger than others. I honestly can't say one way or the other. I think Sam went to the edge and came back. He has been trying to do right since then and as you can see with trying to teach Tommy, he wants to help others. Each of us can only do what we can, right?

Sookie's kiss with Eric: Hot, or REALLY hot?
M.L. House: So darn hot that I was disappointed when Pam came in to interrupt, not join in.

The Barnacle: Sorry, Mrs. Northman, I'm going to have to condone this adultery and go with a third category: REALLY, REALLY hot.

Mrs. Northman: Extremely hot - as much as I don't like my hubby cheating on me, it was pretty darn steamy!

ViddWizard: I'm sorry? Who kissed? You lost me at naked Crystal-panther-chick laying on the floor at Jason's house.

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