Grey's Anatomy Spoilers: Calzona Gets Competitive

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Callie and Arizona look like a lasting, loving couple on Grey's Anatomy. Don't think that means they'll no longer butt heads, though - especially with $1 million at stake.

According to TV Guide, when the Chief offers that amount to the department of the hospital that best demonstrates need, Calzona's personal feelings take a back seat.

"Callie turns into this very competitive person and actually starts running around trying to intimidate everyone," says Sara Ramirez, who can certainly pull that off.

Hot GA Couple

Peds vs. Ortho. All's fair in love and war.

"[She] does this hilarious passive-aggressive thing that was very fun to play. She's trying to psych everybody out," adds Ramirez, having definitely piqued our curiosity.

Meanwhile, Fancast teases that in tomorrow night's Private Practice crossover, Amelia Shepherd drops in to show us a different side of the McDreamy we know and love.

Following a welcome that “is not necessarily warm and fuzzy,” Caterina Scorsone (Amelia) says, “We really get to find out what Derek went through, what he witnessed."

When their father was killed, it shook them forever, and this week "sheds light on how he relates to his family – how he views the relationship between himself and Amelia.”

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