South Park Review: "Insheeption"

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Last night, South Park turned its satirical head towards A&E's Hoarders, which obviously led to a full blown lampoon of the summer blockbuster, Inception.  I mean, duh, who didn't see that company?  Especially anyone who saw the episode title, "Insheeption."

Hoarders on South Park

So we would love to complain that the episode would have been much more current a few months ago before the Inception craze died, but, of course, the show was on break then.  Maybe they could have swapped the episode with the mid-season premiere?

Timeliness issues aside, we thought the episode was actually pretty spot on and fantastic.  We loved Inception as much as the next person, but hated all the hype, over post-analysis, and morons thinking it was too complicated.   We're not going to go into a full on Inception review here, but we'll just say Trey Parker really nailed it.

Our favorite moments and South Park quotes from the episode after the jump.

  • The Doctor providing Inception-style background music while things were explained.
  • Especially at the end when Kyle asked if maybe that was his treatment.
  • Making Freddy Kruger a good guy.   He killed all those teenagers to stop the Russians.  Duh.
  • Everything out of little kid Mackey's mouth.
  • Someone ordering a pizza from the dream and the pizza guy going in to deliver it.
  • Bringing in the firefighters for their ladders.
  • Randy going in to save his son, but being distracted by butterfly poon.  Who wouldn't be?
  • The Inception guys using dream bullets as their solution to everything.
  • Sharon calling out Inception.

Insheeption Review

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South Park Season 14 Episode 10 Quotes

Butterflies have no concern for such things. Now I'm gonna go find myself some butterfly poon.


Herder: I'm a sheep herder.
Dr. Chinstrap: It's pronounced hoarder and yes you are.
Herder: I'm actually herding sheep.
Dr. Chinstrap: Yes, you are hurting sheep by hoarding them. It's good you realize that.