South Park Review: "It's a Jersey Thing"

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It's unfortunate, but Jersey Shore and The Real Housewives of New Jersey are just too easy of targets for South Park.  They've also both already been parodied by the entire rest of the television world.  Heck, even Bones had a Jersey Shore episode.

Jersey Shore on South Park

So how did kings of satire attack the show that everyone else did?  Well first, by really just going all out.  They made the Jersey culture that's invading America an actual physical army taking over the country, one state at a time.  Sure Miami was first to fall, but watch out California, after Utah and Nevada, you're next.

Of course, in typical SP fashion, they had reveal the Broflovskis to originally be from Jersey.  Poor Kyle.  If Cartman didn't have enough ammo on him with being a ginger and a Jew, they had to throw in the third strike: being from Jersey.

The first half was a little silly and over-the-top, but had some great moments for fans of both the parodied Jersey reality shows.  The real winner, of course, was the ridiculousness that was the creature known as Snooki.  I was dying when they first revealed her hiding in the corner with a giant bottle of pickles.  Of course her attack would be to smoosh.

The show clearly had to have some clever twists at the end to follow the South Park formula.  While completely out of left field,  this week's ending was surprisingly good.  Sure Kyle turning into a Jerseysite, a la Teen Wolf, was a great predictable and appropriate way for him the save the day for the boys.

But to save the country and the adults?  Randy called upon an expert in cultural wars: Osama Bin Laden.  Sure they've killed him already on South Park, but how many times were they able to kill Kenny and bring him back?

Osama saved the day and had us barreling in laughter as he had planes crash into the army of Jerseysites invading South Park.  After Randy's incredible speech about no one really being an enemy, we shoot Osama.  Got him.  And a very clever ending.  They really only left one question unanswered?  What's a muff cabbage?  I guess we'll just have to settle for Kyle's answer.  "It's a Jersey Thing

Now we'll leave you with our favorite South Park quotes from the episode:

Jersey Guy: Next thing you know? Jersey party at the Sizzler. | permalink
Caroline: I'm having my face shaved. It's a Jersey thing. | permalink
Snooki: Snooki want smoosh smoosh. | permalink
Stan: What's a muff cabbage?
Kyle: It's a Jersey thing. | permalink
Cartman: You're a Ginger, a Jew and from Jersey. Three strikes, Kyle, you're out! | permalink

It's a Jersey Thing Review

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