Survivor Round Table: "What Goes Around, Comes Around"

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Wait, what?  Marty's still alive?  How is that possible?  Marty gives away the idol to someone who is planning on double crossing and he survives the vote?  What in the name of Erik Reichenbach (of Survivor: Micronesia infamy) is going on?

In our review, we talked about how lucky Marty is to be alive and how dumb he was to give away the idol.  But, was he really dumb?  What was La Flor up to when they ousted Jill instead of Marty?  Who is Blake Griffin and what does he have to do with Survivor (he's a much anticipated rookie for the Los Angeles Clippers)?

Our writers took a stab at this week's questions.  What's your take?

Do you give away the idol if you're Marty?

Kakdaddy: I find this difficult to answer because everything so far has told me that Sash and Brenda cannot be trusted.  I would not have thought it likely at twelve, ten seemed more likely. Regardless, you have to put yourself in position to make the merge and then anything can happen.  The best chance Marty had to make the merge seemed to be to trust that Sash wasn't lying to him.  Getting voted out next show doesn't help him and this seemed like the only chance, no matter how slim, of making it a few more days.  I don't know that I would have actually done it though, even after reasoning it through.  What an interesting move...

Survivor RT
Quiet Pool: No! You never give away you're idol.  Marty is extremely lucky that these young La Florians are making absolutely no sense in their voting strategies.
Mr. Probst: As I said in my review and Kakdaddy pointed out, you have to realize that the merge is going to be at twelve or ten players left.  Twelve is one vote away and ten is three votes away.  Potentially being safe for two votes doesn't help you much.  Gotta give the idol to Jeff and hope the merge is the following week.  Besides, maybe he finds it when they put it back in to the game.

Will Sash honor his end of the agreement to give Marty the idol back if La Flor loses?

Kakdady: Guess it doesn't matter with the merge coming.  Though I suppose anything is possible and tribal immunity could still be happening for one or two more shows.  I don't think Sash would give it back.  I have a feeling that condition was something he added himself just to get Marty to say yes because Brenda would never have agreed to that stipulation.

Quiet Pool: The way that everyone is acting this season, I wouldn't be surprised if Sash is just as dumb as Marty and gives it back.  I understand that each of them could be showing faith by giving the idol away, but faith only goes so far.  Sometimes you need the ability to save yourself.

Mr. Probst: If they merge, perhaps Sash will take heart with what Marty said about the idol being "a curse at times."  It's an even bigger curse during the individual part of the game.

What's your theory as to why Jill went home instead of Marty?

Kakdaddy: I just don't think it hurt Sash to keep his word.  One of them had to go and it truly cost him nothing to honor what he said.  I was actually glad to see him keep his word and vote Jill.  There are definitely times for blindsides, but that seemed to be an unnecessary way to get rid of Marty.  The idol was gone and he was all alone after this vote.  I also don't think Sash was even thinking merge.

Quiet Pool: So Marty and Jill are on the outside.  Apparently these kids couldn't care less which one of those two left, even though Marty is a much bigger threat.  Once they got the idol away from Marty, maybe they said just vote for whoever you want. It seemed like the La Florians had no plan what-so-ever.

Huge Leap For Jill

Mr. Probst: I'm going with the Godfather theory here.  They knew Jill would not be loyal if they double-crossed Marty.  But, if they double-cross Marty, perhaps he'll be beaten into submission and do whatever they need.  Yea, it's a stretch.  There's just no rational for voting Jill before Marty.

Is Benry the biggest physical threat when the eventual merge comes?

Kakdaddy: Absolutely.  He has been nasty in so many challenges and its not just physical strength.  Chase is just as physical a threat, but I'd be more worried about Benry running off a string of immunity wins.

Quiet Pool: I think that's a good call, but I'd put Chase right up there as well. 

Mr. Probst: Chase is worried about whether Yve is a bigger individual threat than Dan when the man who's the favorite to win the game, Benry, is standing right next to him.  Hello?!?!  Forget Dan or Yve, get rid of Benry before he wins every individual immunity.

More impressive debut last night, Purple Kelly speaking on Survivor or Blake Griffin on the floor for the Clippers?

Kakdaddy: I only watched the first quarter and it was obviously Griffin.  My god he's a stud.  I also think there is a reason that Purple Kelly never "speaks" and its because there is nothing interesting about what she says.  On the surface there is no reason that the producers wouldn't give one of the most attractive contestants lots of face time.  I'm sure she's had just as many private interviews as every other cast member.  She simple must not say anything worth putting her pretty face on the show.  Sad really that you could be that bland (on this season too where few stand out) that you NEVER get to speak on the show.

Quiet Pool: Has to be Griffin.  As soon as they switched over to the Clips/Blazers game he throws down a monster alley oop.  No better debut than that!  Purple Kelly?  Not impressed.

Mr. Probst: Hard to go against a man who starts his career with three offensive rebound, put back dunks in traffic.  However, Kelly S has said one line on Survivor and it made it to our quotes page.  She's batting 1.000 so far!

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