The Big Bang Theory Review: "The Hot Troll Deviation"

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Oh,poor Johnny Galecki.  Do you remember when you first signed up to do The Big Bang Theory and were supposed to be the lead character?  Neither do we.  We weren't there.  But we have to imagine that was part of the casting call/pitch.

So now, in our fourth season, we're already four episodes in and you haven't even been given a storyline this season.  Heck, this episode you weren't even included in either story and were just in the background making witty comments.

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We do have to give you credit.  You easily delivered the best quote of the season with "Sometimes your movements are so lifelike I forget you're not a real boy."  Anyway, there goes my open letter to you.

Now on to actually reviewing "The Hot Troll Deviation."  First off, we were always huge fans of Bernadette.  She fits in much better on TBBT than she did on True Blood.  She calms down the one-note jokes from Wolowitz and brings a real human element to the character. Plus, she's goofy and a unique personality on the show.  Unlike that Amy who was just a mean, female version of Sheldon.

We were definitely glad to see Bernadette back and were actually given some answers regarding her sudden disappearance. 

If nothing else, we have to give this episode credit for the most continuity of the season.  Bringing back Bernadette and re-addressing Raj and Sheldon working together -  it's almost as if it was written by the creators, Chuck Lorre and Bill Prady.  Oh wait... it was.

We also thought George Takei was fantastic in this episode and brought some nice balance to having Katee Sackhoff guest star.  The two of them as the angel and demon to Wolowitz were way better than merely having Sackhoff in the tub with Wolowitz.  Though that had its moments for other reasons.

Unfortunately, despite all that, we still can't help but feel like this season continues to coast off the sitcom's popularity and play its storylines and jokes very safe.  Where were all those unique, fun nerdy storylines of the first couple seasons? 

What did you think of the episode and the season overall?

The Hot Troll Deviation Review

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Wolowitz: I love watching Raj and Sheldon try to work together.
Leonard: Yeah, it's like if Alien and Predator decided to go partners in a Jamba Juice.

If we lived in the world where slow moving xenon produced light youd be correct. Also, pigs would fly, my derriere would produce cotton candy, and the Phantom Menace would be a timeless classic.