Fringe Review: "Amber 31422"

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For the second time this season, an entire episode took place Over There.

Olivia is on the brink of making it back home and finally figures out she isn’t who she thinks she is.  She now knows she belongs in the world Walternate is trying to destroy.  Olivia belongs Over Here with the man she is constantly having visions about, Peter.   

An Over There Interrogation

On “Amber 31422,” a man frees his trapped brother from an amber quarantine and, in the end, sacrifices his life for his brother.  

Joshua and Matthew are identical twins.  The Fringe Division identifies a missing quarantined man as Joshua, but really Matthew was the one trapped.  Matthew went to stop his brother from robbing a bank, and ended up frozen in amber.  

Joshua plagued with guilt, does everything in his power to save his brother.  In the end, Joshua sacrifices his life for his brother’s.  Why would anyone do such a thing?  For love, of course.  

The significance of this episode has me pondering a few things:
  • Is this the path Peter must take to save our world?  
  • Will he have to sacrifice himself to stop his father?  
  • Will Walternate sacrifice his own son to destroy our world purely for revenge?

One thing we do know for certain is that Peter and the doomsday machine are at the center of it all. 

Walternate next begins tests on a consenting Olivia.  He wants to help Olivia cross over so he can learn how she does it and use this power to win his war. 

During the experiment he even pumps Olivia full of drugs to a dangerous level stating:  “Only those who risk going too far find out how far they can go."  Walternate clearly doesn’t care whether Olivia lives or dies.  This actually sums up his view on any person living in our universe. 

Walternate is all about retaliation.  He wants to get back at Walter for stealing his son so many years ago.  He has been harboring anger and hate for over twenty years, which has made him completely mad.  

During the test on Olivia, she is able to cross back Over Here and in the end figures out who she really is.  Now armed with this knowledge, I have the feeling she will make it home permanently. 

I hope Olivia just learns how to control her ability and cross between universes whenever she chooses.  She might be the secret weapon our side needs to win the war against Walternate.

I am so happy that Fringe has returned from its three-week hiatus.  I look forward to next week and have a feeling Olivia will make it back home soon.  Until then, here are a few of my favorite Fringe quotes from last night:  

Peter: You can take as many pills as you want, I'm not going anywhere.
Olivia: You're not real.
Peter: Look I understand why you agreed to take the tests; you just want things to go back to normal. To be the Olivia that you think you should be. Unfortunately that's not going to happen, because you are not their Olivia. | permalink
Walternate: Oh, and another thing, Olivia Dunham has agreed to submit to the tests developed by science division and these tests are stressful. If she becomes unstable in anyway.
Broyles: If I see any unusual behavior I'll let you know. | permalink
Walternate: Nature doesn't recognize good and evil Philip. Nature only recognizes balance and imbalance. I intend to restore balance to our world. Whatever it takes. | permalink
Walternate: Only those who risk going too far, find out how far they can go. | permalink
Walternate: Genetically you are exact replicas, you and the other Olivia. It means theoretically you both should be capable of the same things. | permalink

Amber 31422 Review

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Fringe Season 3 Episode 5 Quotes

Genetically you are exact replicas, you and the other Olivia. It means theoretically you both should be capable of the same things.


(to Olivia) You know why you let him go, don't you? Because you can understand what he's going through trapped in that amber, just like you're trapped over here. Only difference is, nobody's going to save you. Only you can save yourself.