Grey's Anatomy Review: "Something's Gotta Give"

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Cristina and Callie got to spend some uber-quality time together in last night’s episode of Grey's Anatomy, "Something's Gotta Give.”

This is a whole new side of Cristina Yang and I’m not sure if I hate it or love it! Probably the best scene had to be Cristina cutting Callie’s hair.

The crazy look Callie had on her face when she saw the damage Cristina did was priceless. Seriously Callie, we know you're dealing with heartbreak, but c’mon! Letting a traumatized woman near your hair with a pair of scissors is a bit on the dim-witted side.

Oh Mark, You're So Silly

Hey, it could have been worse for Callie.

Wouldn’t you have realized it was a bad idea when Cristina came over to you and chopped off a bunch of hair without notice? Fortunately for Callie, her hair turned out super cute.

In any case, I thoroughly enjoyed watching these two women saunter the malls. Living in South Florida, it reminded me of home and how so many women spend their afternoons wasting their lives doing nothing but shopping. It truly is a wondrous scene (insert sarcasm here).

Back to the review. April and Alex made huge waves in the romance department. Or should I say non romance department? The sparks between these two have been building up and I knew someone was bound to happen, but I wasn’t expecting Alex to be such a huge d!ck.

I find Alex’s hot and cold personality to be rather annoying. One minute I love him for how he is to his patients and another I want to throw him overboard for being so crude.

I wish Shonda would just let us love him completely. All this baggage Alex carries is very unattractive, don’t you think? I guess I’m not attracted to the wounded puppy type.

Dr. Stark will be an interesting replacement for Arizona while she’s in Africa. I can see Dr. Stark playing a huge role in helping Alex realize he’s in the right field, but I miss Arizona.

She's perfect for Peds and Dr. Stark will forever be creepy to me thanks to Ghostbusters.

Bossing Around Karev

I wasn’t a fan of the whole political surgery plotline. I understand there was a reason for having Teddy and Derek work together, but other than that, what really was the point? Did anyone else see something going on between Teddy and the government agent?

Maybe a future romance could blossom here? I find that very doubtful.

My heart broke a little when Bailey told the Chief about how much she needed a win. Even though these last couple losses haven’t been her fault, I could see how she would take it all personally. Yang is her student and out of all the students, no one would have ever guessed that she would be the one to quit, including Bailey.

I do like Jackson and Bailey working together. I foresee that Jackson will be able to learn a lot from Bailey and who knows? Maybe she’ll get that win that after all.

Lastly, I'm confused by the whole Lexie-Mark situation. Rather, the nonexistent situation. What’s going on with them? Why are they showing attraction for other people? 

Lexie and Jackson would make a beautiful pairing, but Mark is her lobster! Ugh. I hate having to wait around for everyones happily ever afters to begin! At least, from the last couple episodes, life’s been pretty smooth sailing for Derek and Meredith. Sigh.

Fingers are most definitely crossed that this will continue.

From the previews, next week’s episode looks wicked awesome. Until then, I leave you with a few of my favorite Grey’s Anatomy quotes from last night:

Bailey: I could use a win, that's all. Yang. Yang was the one I didn't have to worry about.
Chief: I know. I know. | permalink
Meredith: Every pressurized system needs a relief valve. There has to be a way to reduce the stress, the tension, before it becomes too much to bare. There has to be a way to find relief because if the pressure doesn't find a way out, it will make one. It will explode. It's the pressure we put on ourselves that's the hardest to bare. The pressure to be better then we already are. The pressure to be better than we think we can be. It never ever lets up. It just builds and builds and builds. | permalink
Cristina: If you are here for the party then you are way too early.
Derek: I'm not here for the party. | permalink
Derek: (about Cristina) I'm sorry. I have a personal stake here too. I wouldn't be standing here if it wasn't for her. | permalink
Lexie: (to Alex) Ouch! Okay since when is it okay to shoot people in this hospital? | permalink
Bailey: You know the first rule of residency: Eat when you can, sleep when you can, and don't screw with the pancreas. | permalink
Callie: Look at my hair!
Cristina: Yeah I sorta can't believe you let me do that.
Callie: Cristina!
Cristina: That's okay. We'll go to the mall. You might want a hat. | permalink
Bailey: Who's in there?
Jackson: Is it the President? Vice President? Bono?
Bailey: Bono!? | permalink
Chief: From a global perspective, it would be great if he didn't die. | permalink
Callie: Oh my God! What are you doing! Are you insane!?
Cristina: Let's make lemonade. | permalink
Callie: (to Cristina) Hey! This is disturbing. Stop! | permalink
Alex: What happens in Vegas, ya know? | permalink
Meredith: The human body is a highly pressurized system. The blood pressure measures the force of blood pulsating through the arteries. It's important to keep this pressure regulated. Low or inadequate pressure can cause weakness or failure. It's when the pressure gets too high that problems really occur. If the pressure continues to increase, a closer examination is called for. Because it's the best indicator that something is going terribly wrong. | permalink

Something's Gotta Give Review

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Grey's Anatomy Season 7 Episode 8 Quotes

Bailey: You know the first rule of residency: Eat when you can, sleep when you can, and don't screw with the pancreas.

What happens in Vegas, ya know?