Castle Review: "Last Call"

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The newest installment of Castle, “Last Call,” was a solid hour of our favorite detectives and their witty one-liners.

The case focused on the murder of a man who owned a legendary New York bar that had previously been a speak easy. Once again, Castle excelled at using history to its advantage, providing storylines from interesting eras that you won't see on many other shows.

Last Call Scene

The idea of The Old Haunt being a speak easy was brilliant. It was a legendary place providing memories to many, including Castle. Having the writer purchase the bar was also an interesting turn. Let’s hope that we get to see more of the prohibition hot spot.

Who did not love seeing an old picture of Castle hanging in the establishment? I have to agree with Beckett that our mystery author was quite cutie in his day!

Not much happened outside of the murder, which suited this episode fine. The case brought many twists and did not leave much room for movement in the characters' personal lives. This also was a plus, seeing there was no mention of Gina.

Having Castle and the gang sing some Billy Joel: cute or corny? I am going to go with a little bit of both. As cliche as this was, I cannot resist a chance to see the detectives enjoy themselves as friends.

So this looks to be our last new episode until after the holidays. We have a few things to look forward into the new year, including the return of the triple killer and some clues about Beckett’s mother's case.

Hmm... am I missing something? Of course, TV Fanatics! Feast your eyes on the wonderful sight of Beckett and Castle’s first kiss! Hope that early present can carry you into the new year.

What did you think of “Last Call?” A great way to close out 2010 or did it just not hit the mark?

Last Call Review

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