Survivor Round Table: "I'm Not Sure Where I Stand"

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Sash put all of his chips in to one basket last night - the Chase, Holly, Jane basket.  Did he make the right decision?  Our writer debate which alliance made more sense as well as what Sash and the remainder of the Dudry alliance should do to squeeze into the final three.

What do our readers think?  Did Sash make the right move?

Which alliance should Sash have gone with: Chanely (Chase, Jane and Holly) or Dudry (Dan, Jud and Benry)?

Kyle Kalember: I think he made the right call and voted out Benry.  He really couldn't trust Benry and Benry was a major threat in the challenges.  He has many options that could get him to the final three.  He could stick with Chanely and just win immunity to assure himself a spot in the final four against Chase, Jane and Holly.  Realistically he only needs to worry about Chase.  With Dudry he needs to beat both Fabio and Benry.

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Dan Forcella: I would have gone with Dan, Fabio and Benry only because I can't stand either of the women, but he made the right move in choosing Chanely.  Currently, they're all saying that they won't take Jane to the final three, so to have her as one of you four is a good thing.  She should go before him if they play their cards right.

Luke Dwyer: There are more options for Sash with Dudry.  By going with Chanely, he's forced to win immunity at the final four immunity challenge otherwise he's going home.  Chase, Jane and Holly are not breaking up.

How does Sash get himself into the final three?

Kyle: He has two paths to choose from.  Path 1: stab Chase and go back with Fabio and Dan.  Use the idol to break the deadlock and send Chase home (he has the idol).  If he's stupid he can go after Jane instead, though she would be easy to remove after Chase and the idol are gone.  Then he walks to the final three and goes up against Fabio and Dan.  Victory is his. 

Path 2: He removes Fabio in the next vote with his new alliance and then uses Dan and probably Holly (or just his idol) to get rid of Jane.  All he needs to do with his new alliance is make sure Chase doesn't win final immunity and he's in.  Not as solid a plan though.  I would go with Plan 1.

Sash Tries To Catch a Ring

Dan: He continues to control this game. He may or may not be the one manipulating everyone's decisions, but he always seems to be the deciding factor on the vote, so I would give him the benefit of the doubt.  He's been good enough in challenges to stay alive, but not so good that people are targeting him.  

Luke: Sash can't go to the final with Jane, but he also can't get rid of her before the final four.  If he does, he suddenly becomes the biggest threat to win the game and the remaining survivors will get rid of him.  The next tribal is irrelevant, but after that he needs to work with Holly and whomever is left from Dan or Jud to take out Chase.  Then hope Jane doesn't win the final immunity. 

Does Dan or Jud have any chance of breaking the Chanely plus Sash alliance?

Kyle: Absolutely, Sash and his idol are the key.  If Sash is smart he can take out Chase (big competition) and the idol in one big move.  Even taking out Jane would be a not-bad consolation.  At this point its every person for themselves and Sash has made it very clear he is willing to do whatever it takes to win.

Dan: Jud has an outside chance, if only by winning a bunch of immunity challenges and ousting members of Chanely and then swaying Sash back to his side.

Luke: Dan almost seems to be a shoe-in for the final three because there's no way Sash simply let's Jud, then Dan and then himself get picked off on the way to the end.  Dan becomes valuable because he's a vote and he can't win it all.  Jud, has almost no chance besides winning immunity. 

Was there any benefit to blindsiding Benry?

Kyle: Sure, play up your "outwit" in the final tribal council.  They totally worked all three of them over.  Dan and Benry were convinced that Fabio was going and Fabio was convinced that Holly was going.  Totally outwitted all 3.

Dan: I think ultimately it came down to not being able to trust any of Dan, Fabio or Benry to keep things quiet.  Blindsiding Benry kept Dan and Fabio out of the loop and got rid of a tough competitor that is much more of a strategic threat than Fabio.

Holly Laughs at Benry

Luke: The only negative to taking Dan into the final three is that he might get Benry's vote.  Benry was upset at the way he was voted out and I'm guessing because it was unnecessary.  Sash + Chanely could dictate who they were going to take out regardless.  Why lie about it?

Who's the biggest physical threat left in the game?

Kyle: Chase.  Did you see him torch the reward?  He didn't miss until his last shot and he rolled over Benry and Fabio.  Now with Benry gone (the only guy that could stick with him in pure strength) he is the biggest physical threat.  Also, I don't want to hear any votes for Jane here.  Yes she's competitive in endurance challenges, but any other challenge where you need to move at all and she's doomed.  Shes a tough gal, but she wouldn't be able to even compete against Chase and Fabio in most of Survivor's multi-faceted physical challenges. 

Dan: I'd have to go with Chase because of recent results, but Fabio has also won a bunch of challenges.  I'd be looking to eliminate both of them if I wanted to better my chances of winning the final immunity.

Luke: Chase is the obvious choice, but with two hidden immunity idols in play, there's really only one immunity challenge left that matters: the last one.  Jane has proven that her will power is greater than her competitors and the final immunity challenge is almost always about will power.  People keep harping about how Jane is a threat to win it all, but forget that she's a threat to win the last challenge, too.

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