The Real Housewives of Atlanta Review: "Love & War"

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On last night's Real Housewives of Atlanta, Kandi and Kim rehearsed for their upcoming tour, with Kandi expressing her doubts about Kim's dedication to the cause.

Elsewhere in the aptly-titled "Love & War," Sheree surprised her daughter, Tierra, by decorating her apartment, while Cynthia fretted about her impending wedding.

She was further disturbed by Kim ridiculing her "friend contract" with Nene.

Kandi Sings

How excited are you for Kandi's upcoming tour?!

Nene booked her first major celebrity interview for her 11 Alive reporting gig, while Phaedra confronted Kim about Kim's baby trash talk while spending the day at the spa.

Speaking of which, that day of relaxation quickly turned into an exercise in tearing each other apart ... fairly typical for any episode of any show in the Bravo franchise.

A trip to Miami to celebrate Cynthia's bachelorette party is planned and Phaedra promises to bring along a male stripper who can give himself head. Yes ... they said this.

Isn't that what a proper Southern belle always brings to a party?

Cynthia's friend contract is brought up by Kim. Cynthia's livid. Weirded out by Kim being weirded out, Cynthia's defends herself and puts Kim in her place. She got owned. 

Nene is proud that Cynthia can go toe-to-toe with Kim, and to top it all off, Phaedra confronts Kim about her due date/alien comments and Kim attacks her ass right back. 

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Love & War Review

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