Pretty Little Liars Review: And the Killer Is?

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Pretty Little Liars gave viewers some exciting new developments on "Know Your Frenemies."

The show revealed a more complex relationship between the girls and A, which seems to mirror their old relationship with Ali. A is the epitome of a frenemy in this episode, supporting and torturing her “friends” with her anonymous messages.

A PLL Flashback

So, the big news this week: Noel isn’t A! Despite his constant hovering and immediate presence whenever an A message was received, the girls were wrong in assuming that Noel was their mystery tormenter. Although determined to ruin Aria’s relationship, Noel was only concerned about himself and being able to play football.

But “A” did Aria a favor and placed those pilfered midterm answers in his locker, saving Ezra from having to quit his job and move away.

This leads me to my biggest question: What does A really want? Torturing Hanna by forcing her to relive her biggest regret, a past history of bulimia thanks to Ali’s misguided and uncharacteristically sympathetic advice, seemed needlessly cruel.

But wasn’t it a little helpful? Hanna admitted to Aria that she knew she was stronger than she used to be and was much healthier now. She resisted the urge to purge and found her reward: several hundred dollars hidden in the paper towel dispenser. A must have some serious influence if she can get that money hidden and ensure that no one else collects it first.

A has been a destructive influence on all the girls’ lives, but this week she helped save Aria’s relationship. This might be good for now, but I’m sure A wanted to make sure that no one else could reveal the secret affair first. Perhaps the most helpful action on A’s part was giving them the extended cut of Ali’s final video.

This time, the camera swung around and we saw that Ali was out in the woods with Ian. Then, the camera cut to the ground and, based upon the images and sounds, it seems like Ian may have killed Ali. Her hand hits the ground and clutches the dirt while she makes labored, breathy sounds.

HOWEVER, these could also be the actions of someone in the middle of a heavy make-out session. Ian’s definitely hiding something, but we can’t be sure he’s Ali’s killer. A might seem to want to help the girls find Ali’s killer, but this is the same person who tried to kill Hanna. The girls shouldn’t be way more suspicion about A’s helpful attitude.

Frightened Reaction

And this brings us to Melissa and Ian. Their whirlwind romance has made Spencer suspicious, especially because Melissa has completely changed her life goals. She said she is happy and wants to start having babies right away, but Spencer is quick to point out that about a week ago, she was as ambitious as Spencer.

A week is not enough time for this kind of drastic change. Although Spencer wants to blame Ian completely, I think Melissa might be hiding something of her own. Whether it’s a secret agenda of her own, or one with Ian, or even some life-changing realization that caused this change in character, it would really help to find out what is motivating Melissa.

Also, Emily’s mother definitely overreacted to what she saw and was very wrong to go through Maya’s things, but, in all fairness, if Maya was a 16-year old boy, no one would blame her for being upset at the two lying in her daughter’s bed while studying. It’s a difficult situation for her mother and she’s definitely not handling as well as Emily’s friends.

And although Aria, Hanna, and Spencer’s acceptance of Emily’s sexuality is really great for their friend, it seems like an abrupt transition for teenage girls, especially when just a few weeks ago they had no idea that Emily even felt attracted to other girls. Still, hooray for Emily for standing up to her mother’s attempt to stop her from seeing Maya. She responded, “This doesn’t change the way how I feel about her.” Emily is a much more assertive and happy person with Maya and I hope she holds onto that during their three month separation.

What did everyone else think of the episode?

Know Your Frenemies Review

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