Californication Review: "The Trial"

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As "The Trial" got underway this week, we saw the return of Fox Mulder, or so it seemed.

Despite the suit, side part and humorous quip about how he looked like a FBI agent, Hank looked pretty rattled with his day in court finally upon him. The vomiting, sans a hangover, caught me off guard. It was a good moment to see the usually sanguine sultan of sarcasm so wound up, especially for a guy who claimed to have spent a lifetime practicing Zen and the Art of Who Gives a Fuck.

Becca, sadly was only in one scene, but I appreciated the tender moment when she pulled her parents to her for one last pre-trial family hug.

Hank in Court

As Karen and Hank pulled up to the court house and were greeted by screaming teens chanting "Free Hank!, I thought to myself: I hadn't seen that many young people interested in the outcome of a hearing since the Donna Martin graduates episode of the original 90210.

As Hank was about to exit the car, Karen reminded him to smile, be nice and to mind his manners. It was as if she were dropping her child off at school. Really, she sort of was. While others learned everything they really needed to know in kindergarten, I imagine Hank was the one in the corner eating paste and pulling girls' hair. Come to think of it, he probably stole milk money from kids like Bill to buy smokes.

I almost felt some sympathy for Bill when he asked Hank to imagine their roles reversed, but then I remembered what a herb Bill had always been. Not to mention if Becca had ever found herself on top of Bill, in a sexual encounter, she would probably punch herself in the face for her terrible judgment.

Speaking of face shots, the grimace Hank made as the prosecution called Charlie to the stand was amazing, only to be upstaged moments later during a flashback when he scowled at his aforementioned agent when he caught him laughing during the movie screening. Charlie's abortion on the witness stand was a bit of a stretch, even for a knucklehead like Runkle, but I did like the reconciliation scene on the court house steps where he and Hank shared a giggle over Charlie's account of the "poop story" again.

I wasn't exactly sure how Abby thought her cross examination of Karen would sway the jury's opinion of Hank, but perhaps that wasn't her motive at all.

While Bill tried his best to ruin Hank's future during thre trial - when he revealed the story about seeing Mia and Hank talking by the pool - Abby may have been trying to better her chances of a life with Hank after the trial by eliminating the competition as she took advantage of Karen being under oath and attacked her character with Hank as her witness. Don't forget how she asked Hank during a recess what he felt the future held for them as a couple.

Abby was shocked to find herself talking about relationships, but the entire court room was taken aback by the sincerity with which Mia testified how she ignored the caring advice of Karen and went out and found the trouble she was looking for when she walked into the bookstore the night she slept with Hank.

Will Mia be Hank's unlikely angel, like Mona Lisa Vito was for young Bill Gambini and his friend Stan Rothenstein? With only two episodes remaining, we'll soon find out.

The Trial Review

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