Mark and Lexie: Over For Good on Grey's Anatomy?

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Are Mark and Lexie over for good on Grey's Anatomy?

Recent (and future) events don't point to a quick reconciliation, that's for sure. On Thursday, Mark comes to the realization that Lexie and Jackson are having a thing.

Is that just a (hot!) bump in the road, or does that pair have staying power? Asked if Mark and Lexie are soulmates, (a la Meredith and Derek) Chyler Leigh said:

Reunion at Joe's

"I think it's still yet to be determined, to be perfectly honest. With her and Jackson there's something that's just really refreshing and young in their relationship."

"There's something to be said for people who are at the same place and want the same things. At the same time she still loves Mark. A few episodes ago she said, 'I love you' to him, and that's the first time she ever said that to him."

"And I don't think it was just 'I love you because you helped me get through this really hard day.' It was genuine. I think she does absolutely still love Mark."

"I think that's really what is going to be the struggle and what's really going to be hard for her is to see if despite all the differences, they actually can make it work."

Thoughts? Do you see Lexie with Mark or with Jackson? Or neither?

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