Smallville Spoiler Photo: The Return of Jonathan Kent

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Smallville begins its stretch run to the series finale on April 15, when it returns with the episode "Kent."

The installment will find Clark in the alternate universe into which he got pulled on "Luthor," this time due to the actions of his evil, alt self. When father Jonathan runs into his son, he mistakes him for Ultraman, resulting in the following scene: 

Return of  Jonathan Kent

As for this version of Jonathan Kent, actor Jonathan Schneider says in an interview that he's broke and "has had a very different path than the Jonathan we all know. [He] is so different you can’t believe it!”

Elsewhere on the episode, the real Clark Luthor warns Tess that if she doesn’t side with him, he’ll kill her; and Lois does all she can to bring back her fiancé from Over There.

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Lana: That's too bad. I think you'd make a great class president.
Clark: Really?
Lana: Yeah. You're honest. People trust you. And you have this innate sense of justice. I can see it on your face how upset you get every time you think somebody's being mistreated.
Clark: You see all that in me?
Lana: Yes I do.

Jonathan: Sweetheart, we can't keep him. What are we going to tell people - we found him out in a field?
Martha: We didn't find him. He found us.