Survivor Round Table: "The Buddy System"

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Survivor started to slow down this week. So what did CBS do? They sped it up by squeezing two boring episodes in to one. Perhaps the episodes were not that exciting with back-to-back Zapateras going home, but at least we only wasted one hour watching it. 

Despite the slow nature of the episode, there were still a few things to discuss. As always, we love to hear from our readers.

Matt said he's the most naive survivor ever. Do you agree?

Kyle Kalember: No one will ever be more clueless than Erik (Survivor: Micronesia) giving away the idol to someone who didn't need it only to get immediately voted out. Matt is pretty naive, but I can't picture him ever being that naive.

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Dan Forcella: Not really. I don't think it was even that much of a blind side. He knew that he was up for elimination that night, otherwise he wouldn't have been thinking about switching over to Zapatera.

Jane Murray: I agree. It's like he's never watched the show before, never seen Rob in action. Matt's obvious mistake was telling Rob he considered voting him out. It will be interesting to see who comes off Redemption Island.

Luke Dwyer: What's amazing about Matt is that he's so naive he doesn't even realize why he was sent home.  He'd likely still be playing if he never tried to come clean to Boston Rob.  That's the definition of naive.

Do you believe that Phillip actually knows what he's doing?

Kyle: Partially. He doesn't seem like a stupid person, but I think that there is only so much acting that can be done. I could be completely wrong and it could be revealed that Phillip put on the entire act on the finale, but I think you have to be a little crazy to be that convincing. The part about being so crazy that people want to take him to the final tribal I can actually buy (maybe he is going overboard on purpose a little), but I think he's really that crazy in real life. He just might be playing the hand he was dealt so to speak.

Dan: I think he has some semblance of how this game works. Unlike Coach from a couple years ago, who was crazy for crazy's sake, Phillip is crazy but knows that it might be working to his advantage. By no means am I saying that his craziness is an act, just that he's using his natural craziness for the betterment of his own game.

Phillip Sheppard In His Underwear

Jane: No. Most people are sane but have moments of crazy. Phillip is batsh!t crazy with moments of sanity. His thought process on Rob taking him to the final is spot on. His feather and visions are the real Phillip - batsh!t crazy.

Luke: Phillip's sales pitch that he knows what he is doing didn't work on me.  More specifically, I think his "plan" was something that has dawned on him when he realized he didn't connect with his tribe mates.  He'd rather be Boston Rob and be pulling the strings than the puppet.

Should the ex-Ometepe's remain Rob's loyal soldiers?

Kyle: The next two votes are crucial. When they get ex-Zapatera down to two that could be a game-changing vote.  If three Ometepe's grab those two they could completely change the game.  They will still have a three-to-two advantage and can assure themselves a spot in the final 3, and they can make a powerplay to get rid of the other three.  It would be a smart move.  The problem is that I see Rob making that move and not his tribe members to get rid of him. Until I see any differently from Grant and Ashley it looks by all accounts to be Rob's game.

Dan: To a point.  There's no reason to go against the numbers right now, but some time in the near future these other Ometepes have to come up with a plan to make it to the end.  If you don't think you're in Rob's circle of trust, make other arrangements.  If you are, like Natalie, keep riding the wave.

Jane: Natalie and Phillip definitely will/should. It depends how Rob's strategy plays out for people being voted onto the jury. Taking Rob to the final might not be bad depending on how many people he offends on the way to the final.  I think Grant will make a play with Andrea and Ashley.

Luke: For Phillip, yes, but everyone else?  NoHowever, what would the plan be to even turn the tables on Boston Rob?  He's done a tremendous job of eliminating any clicks within his alliance, so there's no obvious choice to split off from Boston Rob.  The fear of being outed to Rob for trying to do so is too great.

Was Rob's idea not to have Ometepe eat the fish taking it too far?

Kyle: Absolutely ridiculous.  I still don't think I understand it because I can't wrap my mind around 5 hungry people not eating fish because one guy tells them not to.  I also don't see the need for Rob to make this kind of demand.

Dan: Of course.  Get food while you can.  You have the advantage over the Zapateras, so why not eat their fish as well.

Jane: Too far. They are starving out there and one shared meal with fish is not going to break the Ometepe tribe. However, it will be brilliant when Rob starts telling people that Grant wasn't loyal for eating the fish. Then his soldiers will vote out the biggest physical threat for Rob.

Grant and Andrea Catch A Fish

Luke: I remain amazed at Boston Rob's ability to literally control the members of his alliance and appreciate the idea behind what he's doing.  The problem is that restricting his alliance from eating fish was too obvious as simply a power play.  Of course these people have to figure out what he's doing to them first.

Were you sad to see Mike or David voted out?

Kyle: Well they aren't gone.  Both still have a shot back, but I did enjoy both Mike and David for what they brought to the show.  Its going to be interesting on Redemption to see what they do.  How crazy would it be if there was no challenge the next few shows and right before the end they had like eight people face off for final immunity and the shot back in the show.  It obviously wouldn't work because there is the jury to think about, but that would be pretty wild.

Dan: Mike, no.  David, a little bit.  He had definitely grown on me in his ability to think about this game rationally.  It was also funny that as the puzzle master he continued to lose puzzle after puzzle, week after week.

Jane: I liked Mike and was sad to see him go. I thought he was a very strong competitor and likeable person. David had some funny comments but overall his personality wasn't as endearing.

Luke: It feels like a lost opportunity to not see either player in the game without Boston Rob and Russell.  I feel like Mike could have been a challenge master a la Tom Westman and David could have been a new Boston Rob.  But, that's not what we have, so I don't really care.  Just two fewer people who could pose the least bit of a threat to Boston Rob.

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