United States of Tara Review: "The Full Fuck You Finger"

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Future events were set up on this week's episode of United States of Tara, which spun its wheels a bit until the concluding scene.

The most interesting aspect of "The Full Fuck You Finger" actually involved real-life events, as Kate's trip to Okinawa had to be altered based on the recent earthquake in that region. There's no way this episode was filmed after that natural disaster struck, making it interesting to wonder just how much this storyline was changed from its original inception.

Was Kate ever meant to leave for that excursion? Or was the boarding line panic always the way this development was drawn up, they just had to add an extra scene that changed the destination city? Either way, Kate is sticking around.

Hoarding at Home

But is Max? The pressures of family and work have been weighing on him in these opening episodes, and it's certainly believable that he may finally be ready to snap.

Could this really mean ditching his children, though? His silence when Marshall asked that question could have meant it was too ridiculous to even respond to, but it more likely signaled to viewers (and his son) that Max has, indeed, contemplated packing up and following his own father's fleeing footsteps.

Nothing nearly as intriguing or exciting on the Tara/Charmaine front. The sisters argued like usual, the latter whined and came across as self-centered and needy like usual and Tara transitioned in response... like usual.

We did get to see that Charmaine has a selfless side, though, but it's not one she typically shares with her sister. It took the arrival of Alice for Charmaine to defend Tara and say some nice things about all she goes through. It would be nice if she could actually say that to Tara's face, wouldn't it?

It's unlikely to happen next Monday, however, as Charmaine's focus will be elsewhere. There's a new baby on the way for this crazy family, another element to toss in to the unstable mix. And that's how we concluded "The Fuck You Finger."

Kate isn't sure where life is taking her; Max might be equally confused; and Charmaine is about to embark on life's most important mission. Even though Tara transitioned twice this week, the real action took place around her. Return in a week to find out what happens next.

The Full Fuck You Finger Review

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