Carpe Diem on the 90210 Season Finale

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Ivy Sullian is getting married.

Is this a rushed decision by the 90210 character? Absolutely, acknowledges star Gillian Zinser, but she says the ceremony - which takes place on the May 16 season finale - "is Ivy’s way of dedicating to herself to this love, even though she knows she’s going to lose it... the wedding itself becomes a symbolic celebration of the life Raj and Ivy live, as they live it.”

Ivy at the Altar

Zinser also tells TV Line that all students will get their "Carpe Diem moment." Meaning what, exactly?

“There are a bunch of different vignettes - Max and Naomi; Liam and Annie; and obviously Raj and I - circling around this idea of living in the moment and appreciating everything you have.”

Look for the hour to conclude on a "beautiful note," teases Zinser, giving us an idea of the final scene:

"The episode ends with the gang circling around a bon fire at a post-wedding celebration. We all talk about where we’ve been and how far we’ve come, because we don’t know exactly where everyone is going [next year].”

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Max: That's like walking around with no underwear.
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Don't mock the abs.

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