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In usual Chuck fashion, things are coming to a close in rare form.

"Chuck Versus the Last Details" built on the success of "Agent X," creating another absolutely entertaining hour of television that made this viewer anxious for next week's episode.

Sarah Walker In Disguise

You have to take Chuck with a grain of salt. Okay, maybe this season it is with a shaker, but that doesn't mean that the show isn't great at what it does.

You are not coming into an episode, or even a season, thinking that Chuck is going to be quality serious television.  You know you are getting a goofy show that takes the serious subject of spies and flips into a farcical story about nerds hunting down bad guys.

It's not Mad Men or Breaking Bad, but it's fun, and "The Last Details" was a great example of that.

Major progress was made on both long running plots, as the rehearsal dinner paved the way for the ensuing wedding and Vivian Volkoff's role as Chuck's nemesis took a big step forward, but it was the bevy of comedic moments that made this such an enjoyable time. Before we take a look at how the Chuck Triple Threat played out this week, pump yourself up by singing the Imperial March...

How awesome was that?  I mean all of the Star Wars references were fantastic, but Chuck and Morgan getting psyched to play the role of a bad guy by singing Darth Vader's theme song was just great.  Coming on the heels of the "dress Chewy/Casey up as a prisoner" routine made it that much better.

If there has been one thing holding Chuck back as of late, it has been not enough Morgan Guillermo Grimes jokes.  Between him assuming he would have been taking his mom to Chuck's wedding, liking a gun that makes him look big, and trying to sound evil by telling his sub-par henchman to "shoot the puppy," the bearded one was on fire.

That isn't even taking into account the perfect scene in which he uttered everything he could think of related to Italian.  He began with Ciao, then graduated to spaghetti, and finished off with "It's a me, Mario."  Pure genius on every level.

While there were a couple of great one shot moments from the likes of Casey (taking the guard's pants off) and Beckman ("Oh thanks for the invite"), Jeff and Lester made up for the rest of the laughs of the episode.  Of course they have footage of Chuck's nip slips!  And Lester's video for Chuck and Sarah...What the heck was that?  And for any of you NBA fans out there, was Lester making fun of Kevin Garnett with his "anything is possible" routine?  If so, I love that.

Meanwhile, there was also a good amount of action, which was highlighted by the scene that followed Morgan and Chuck getting pumped by the Imperial March.  First with Vivian and Ray Wise killing all of the bad guys with the new Norseman, then with Casey shooting all of the "cleaners" blind in order to save Morgan.  Is there anything Colonel Casey can't do?

We also had a nice Mission Impossible scene to start things off, as Mama Bartowski made her reappearance in attempting to steal the Norseman from Vivian Volkoff.  And finally, there was that exciting and hilarious scene where Chuck used his flashing capabilities to save Morgan from the balcony.

The rehearsal dinner was beautiful, and who would have thought it would have been capped off by a wonderfully romantic montage video by Jeffrey Barnes?!?  It was a nice touch to make the loser a winner at something, and I bet the dude never stops talking about that big smooch he got from Ellie.

But the sweetest moment was the toast that Mary gave to Sarah.  "Sarah is one of the strongest and one of the most amazing women I have ever met," the future mother-in-law said.  It was a nice touch after all of the conflict Chuck went through in deciding who to side with at different points in the episode.

Moving Forward
Now with only one episode left in the season, and possibly the series, I am worried that it has become a bit too difficult to wrap things up nicely.  Pleasing both the fans of the spy elements and the fans of the relationship elements is going to be tough.  As a fan of both, I don't know how they will ever pull this one off.

What did you all think of "Chuck Versus The Last Details?"  And what do you expect to see in next week's finale?

Chuck Versus the Last Details Review

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