Chuck Round Table: "Chuck Versus the Last Details"

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Wow.  They left us with quite the little cliffhanger on last night's ChuckSpoiler alert, of course, if you haven't watched it yet!

But with Sarah supposedly being killed by the Norseman, there's plenty four our Round Table panelists to discuss about "Chuck Versus the Last Details."  So come sit down and join the esteemed Dr. Toboggan, our Chuck reviewer Dan and me and the round table!

1. Favorite Chuck quotes of the evening?

Dan F:
Morgan: "Casey, they got acid, just like in that really disgusting scene from Breaking Bad."
Casey: "I've never seen Breaking Bad."
Morgan: "What? You'd love it. It's great. It's like the perfect counter programming to..."
- Because I love when characters talk about other shows, and Morgan's right...Casey would love Breaking Bad.

Dr. Toboggan: Casey "That's what happens when you draw your plans from Star Wars." 

Eric H: Morgan attempting to look bad ass by telling a hench men to kill a puppy dog on the phone.  He's right you know.  It is tough to find good henchmen.

Chuck RT New!

2. So many movie/television references this week!  Your favorite?

Dr. Toboggan: Come on this shouldn't even be a question.....Chuck and Morgan banging their knees to Darth Vader's theme song and Sarah's reaction was the funniest and probably my favorite comedic moment in Chuck history.

Dan F: I want to be with the Doctor on this one, but for a change of pace I am going to go with Casey's "I've got a bad feeling about this" immediately following Sarah not understanding Chuck's Chewbacca reference.

Eric H: Oh, I'm sorry Doctor, why don't you take some time off from running rounds and come up with questions next time then!?  And besides, we all know it was the Terminator 2 reference with Sarah Connor Mama Bartowski doing pull-ups in her cell.  Come on, how long did they hold on to that gem?

3.  Casey sniping the clean up crew blindly: impossible or Casey?

Dan F: Oh definitely Casey!  He had the help of Morgan's eyeglasses.  That's enough for the Colonel.

Dr. Toboggan: Casey....Nothing is impossible on Chuck and even less is impossible for Casey so there is no way I can question him.

Eric H: Impossible!  There is no way even Casey could compute those angles distances in real time without an Intersect.  Oh, who am I kidding, this is Chuck and he is Casey.

4. Better Charah video: Jeff or Lesters?

Dan F: Without Jeff's truly beautiful video my hay fever may not have acted up.  Whether that made it a better video or not is a question for another day.

Dr. Toboggan: Jeff's.  I never thought I would say this but Lester's was too creepy even for me.  It was so weird, I appreciated it but I couldn't watch it.

Eric H: Really, Doctor, this wasn't the one you called out shouldn't have been a question?  I've seen plenty of creepy stuff out of Lester in the past, but like you, I had to avert my eyes from that creepshow.

5. Relationship problems due to Mama Bartowski: forced or natural?

Dan F: Chuck sure has forced stories in the past, but I didn't find a problem with this one.  It was innocent enough, and Chuck solved it quickly enough, that I was glad with the way it played out.  Nice toast, Mama.

Dr. Toboggan: A little forced but they needed some heart moments as Dan would say to move everything along.  This episode was so great for comedy and even the action that I didn't mind the forced issues.

Eric H: Way forced.  We've never seen this side or issue from Mama Bartwoski in the past, but suddenly we need to inject new relationship problems?  What, were the writers concerned they weren't scoring enough points in the heart department of Dan's Trademarked Triple Threat?   Not sure why they were worried with that Casey protecting Morgan story in there...

6. OMG! Will Sarah live and make it the wedding!?  Kidding, it's Chuck.  Real question, what gift are you bringing to the wedding?

Dan F: I am definitely bring the C.A.T. Squad as my gift to Sarah.  Or is that a gift for myself?  Either way it will be a good time!

Dr. Toboggan: Nah, I saw a screener of next week.  She's dead, and I'm bringing Subway

Eric H: I'm not even going to question why you're bring Subway to a wedding when clearly they'll be the caterer.  Myself?  I pre-ordered them the Star Wars: The Complete Saga on Blu-Ray.  I'm sorry but Sarah really needs to pick up on these references if their marriage is going to last.

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