Eureka Exclusive: Neil Grayston on the Show's "Most Ambitious Project to Date"

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Neil Grayston was originally hired to appear on just seven first season episodes of Eureka.

But the actor clicked with viewers and he was quickly upgraded to a regular on the SyFy series.

"I like where writers have taken my character," Grayston told me this week about Douglas Fargo, who is now the head of Global Dynamics. "They've been feeding me, making me more human along the way. They've given me a bit more, as a person, more stuff to do. Just like Fargo in that sense."

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Heading into the back half of its fourth season - a set of 10 new episodes kicks off on July 11 - Grayston said viewers can jump in any time they want this summer, but the overall plot is "one of the most linear" the show has aired so far.

What else can he tease about Season 4.5?

"We embark on our most ambitious project to date. The town works together toward a common goal and it's informed by what happens in the first episode back."

Check out a preview for that episode, "Liftoff," NOW.

Felicia Day and Will Wheaton will also guest star this summer, though Grayston hesitates to even label them as such.

"It feels like they're part of the cast," he says. "And a triangle develops between our characters."

Anything else the actor can preview about what's to come?

"You get more into the characters, but we balance that with action and fun. There are a lot of explosions, people flying around, lots crazy things. You know, the normal Eureka. It's a really solid season."

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