Pretty Little Liars Round Table: "It's Alive"

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Pretty Little Liars kicked off season two on Tuesday night with drama, mystery, romance and fashion. It was a solid, welcome return.

What does the future hold for Aria and Ezra? Is Ian really alive? Staff members Matt Richenthal, Steve Marsi and Eric Hochberger tackle these and other questions in this edition of the TV Fanatic Round Table. As always, we encourage readers to chime in with their opinion on the following topics...


What was your favorite scene from the episode?
Matt: When the girls saw Ezra's diploma in their therapist's office. I know I should be prepared for all surprises on this show, but that one took me aback. I didn't see it coming.

Steve: Everything with Toby. Think of how far this guy has come in less than one season; from a shady presence I was sure had to be up to something, to a legitimately good friend of Emily's and possibly the love of Spencer's life.

Eric: Three words: Ezra. No. Shirt.

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What does the future hold for Aria and Ezra?
Matt: I got yelled at for saying this in my review, but I stand by the stance: they should absolutely break up. I know both characters are cute and the feelings here appear real. But he's a teacher. She's been his student. If it's truly meant to be, wait until Aria is of age and then they can pursue a relationship.

Steve: I'm an Azra 'Shipper through and through. I'm also a believer that it sometimes takes diverging paths for a couple to end up at the same place. So even if Aria can't get over Ezra misleading her about his ex at the moment, I'm confident she will.

Eric: An arrest for Ezra. Call me a killjoy, but these two haven't really been that subtle about their connection and "A" tipping the police off to their relationship just seems like an easy call for that stalker.

Do you trust Anne Sullivan?
Matt: No. She either has ties to "A" or is being blackmailed by "A" in some manner. I think she knew all about Ezra's diploma and I don't think the girls should tell her anything of importance.

Steve: She means well, that's for sure. But I agree with the second half of Matt's point: "A" has her claws into this therapist somehow and the girls need to be careful with what they say around her.

Eric: Honestly? I don't trust anyone outside the core four. And even Spencer gives me the creeps sometimes!

Is Ian really dead?
Matt: Yes. So what if he knew the name "Taylor?" Hasn't "A" proven that she has access to all kinds of information? Seriously, at this point, how will the eventual reveal of her identity make sense?!?

Steve: Yes. As a doornail, as Michael Jackson, as Lindsay Lohan's chances to win an Oscar.

Eric: No way. What fun would that be? Producer Marlene King says we'll find out for certain on episode four. I just hope, Matt and Steve, you're ready to anoint me Ruler of the Round Table when I am proven correct.

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