Pretty Little Liars Round Table: "My Name is Trouble"

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Pretty Little Liars may have been full of more holes this week than a bulletin board, but that doesn't miss it didn't make for an enjoyable hours.

Below, in their weekly round-up, staff members Matt Richenthal, Steve Marsi and Eric Hochberger analyze "My Name is Trouble." Read and react now to this edition of the Pretty Little Liars Round Table...


What was your favorite scene from the episode?
Matt: Toby with his shirt off. Not because I'm attracted to that kind of thing, but because it was just such a gratuitous couple minutes. I like it when the show doesn't take itself too seriously.

Steve: Watching Jenna attempt pottery. It was like a bizarro version of Ghost.

Eric: Melissa meeting up with Wren obviously. I mean, what were they doing together? I'd have to imagine... wait, I'm getting ahead of myself. Next question!

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What is Melissa doing with Wren?
Matt: The nasty.

Steve: The horizontal mambo.

Eric: Real mature, fellas. Whatever it was, it didn't end well. You noticed how angry Wren got when he left, right? So, the question is: why would Melissa lure Wren to her and then what would she reveal to him that, I assume, would remind him that she's still in love with Ian? I wish I knew. But I'm just furthering the question.

Why doesn't Emily put a lock on her door, a password on her computer, or do anything at all to protect herself?!?!?
Matt: Look, if Emily spent any extra time thinking about anything other than swimming, she wouldn't be the MVP she is today! Can't someone else come up with complicated solutions such as locks on doors?!?

Steve: I think she has a password. It's just too easy to figure out: "A."

Eric: I really don't know. But let's all be glad she's gay. Otherwise, with her lack of flippant disregard for protection, she'd totally be pregnant by now.

Hanna erasing her dad's fiancee's text: Understandable, or inexcusable?
Matt: Inexcusable. I understand the desire to have your parents together, but do you really want their reconciliation based on a deception? Tell your dad the truth, see if he still wants your mom and go from there.

Steve: Understandable. "A" has permanently scarred all the girls when it comes to texting. It's just an instinct at this point. She probably deleted the message without even reading it.

Eric: Inexcusable! Punish the girl! Tell her she can't hang out with her friends anymore. Oh... wait. Right.

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