Pretty Little Liars Round Table: "Surface Tension"

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Caleb opened up, while Spencer's dad burned evidence down.

Fans were treated to another fun episode of Pretty Little Liars last night, one analyzed and picked apart below by editor-in-chief Matt Richenthal, along with senior writers Carissa Pavlica and Steve Marsi. Reader feedback is encouraged...


What was your favorite scene from the episode?
Matt: The flashback about field hockey. I was impressed by how interesting a conversation was had over such a boring sport.

Carissa: Hanna singing in her headphones. It was real and refreshing, especially considering that Emily actually wanted to study!

Steve: Gotta go with the final one. Great job cutting/editing between Aria leaning the truth about Garrett and Spencer sitting in a car with him. Can't it be next Tuesday already?!?

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Peter Hastings: One sketchy dude? Or one protective father?
Matt: He's being protective. Think of all the guy has gone through, from his son-in-law getting killed to his daughters restricting his salt intake. Granted, it's illegal to mess with possible evidence. But I think Peter only has his family's future in mind.

Carissa: I wish I knew. Leaning toward sketchy, but this is the first episode where the parents even noticed their kids are in danger, so the jury is out.

Steve: Sketchy! I go by the general rule that when someone stands eerily over a fire and tells his daughter to mind her own business, that someone is a shady dude.

More welcome development: The adults actually talking about their kids, the girls catching on to Garrett, or Caleb opening up to Hanna?
Matt: Definitely Caleb. I'm almost over A and the entire intrigue already. I'm more invested in these characters and their relationships.

Carissa:The adults talking about their kids. They were all in running for worst parent of the year, so this is a welcome change.

Steve: I agree with Carissa, but just to mix things up, I'll return to my answer of the first question and bring up Garrett again. That guy has irritated me so much! Can't wait to see the girls expose him.

What gift would you have brought to the Montgomery dinner party?
Matt: The gift of laughter. A joke book or something. Seriously, the family needs to lighten up. And maybe they haven't heard about the egg in a frying pan? Who turned to another egg and goes: Man, it's hot in here!

Carissa: A bong. They are all professors and teachers, right? This profession has been known to smoke the funny stuff. Plus, it would be a great idea to get Aria's parents laughing before dropping the dating bombshell.

Steve: As Ezra? The California state book of laws. I'd wanna prove immediately that I may be breaking their daughter's bra straps, but I'm not breaking any official rules!

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