Alphas Review: "Catch and Release"

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"Catch and Release" ended up posing more questions than it answered, but Summer Glau was back on my TV, so how can I complain?

While we knew about Red Flag and the goals they want to accomplish, I had forgotten about the government side and the personal gain they stand to inherit from the Alphas. It continued to force Rosen to choose sides. He has the unenviable job of trying to balance his team, governmental pressure and being the judge and jury to Alphas who may or may not be evil.

A Dangerous Alpha?

Everything finally collided with Glau’s character, Skylar. She seemed like a threat, being able to build the most advanced gadgets and weaponry on Earth, and she was answering to the mysterious “Z.”

Skylar opened up old wounds with Nina and Rosen. Nina was forced to decide just how much of a puppet she wanted to be rather than thinking for herself. How much will she follow Rosen and his advice? He clearly wasn’t too keen on Nina and Cameron going past flirtations nor was he happy about Nina running off with Skylar.

By the end, Skylar wasn’t the evil one and Rosen finally teetered to a side. Skylar was simply protecting her daughter, Zoey – a second generation Alpha – from the clutches of the DOD and the NSA. Rosen, meanwhile, decided to protect her and his team rather than following his government overlords to the letter.

That was a big step for the doctor. He has always been for what’s best for an Alpha, but he’s never had the gall to go against the government. He started realizing that some Alphas are better off “released” into the wild rather than stuck in a cell somewhere creating destruction or part of an organization that’s causing it.

Other thoughts:

  • The van is back. I’m pretty sure it’s an un-killable juggernaut at this point. I was happy to see it morph into a government SUV as the Alphas were driving after Skylar.
  • Gary’s taxi adventure was awesome.
  • Because Skylar made Gary a cell phone that had a direct line to her, I'll ask what everyone is thinking: when can Glau come back?

Catch and Release Review

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