Suits Review: Getting Mocked

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Both Mike and Harvey navigated some rather fragile situations this week, but instead of trying to "Play The Man," it was all about the women in their lives.

Mike attempted to reconcile what was broken between himself and Rachel after she found out his big secret, all while trying to beat his mock trial opponent in front of the firm's associates.

Harvey and Scotty

Harvey had an even harder time fighting his emotions, as Dana Scott, better known as Scotty, clouded his judgment with regard to a very lucrative merger. Lucky for Harvey, time and a little perspective got him back on top of his game.

I was not a big fan of the two hook ups that took place. I get that Suits is USA Network's attempt to push the entertainment envelope, but I value its programming for the usual lack of blatant sexual content.

That complaint aside, Suits was prime fodder for relationship development this week.

Mike's attempt to own the mock trial competition exposed his naivete in negotiating deals, but also featured his ability to think quickly and effectively on his feet. The case law and counter-suit were genius.

What was Mike NOT so skilled at working? The ladies. Rachel was still raw over his lie, putting them in a back and forth anger match. In desperation, he turned to Jenny, who he last saw when he kissed her... and then fled.

I'm surprised at how loyal and willing to keep his secret both Jenny and Rachel seem to be, making it difficult for anyone to make an objective assessment of who is the better match for him. I'm still deciding at least. I wonder what impact their having met will have on the situation, if any.

It really demonstrated Mike's true feelings for Rachel when he refused to go after her character on cross examination. He was clearly aware and sensitive to the the fact that their conflict outside the realm of the mock trial had seeped its way into the proceedings. Rachel recognized and appreciated that astuteness, therein ending their tiff.

While Mike earned some serious respect from the viewers, both Jessica and Harvey were disapproving of his "softness." And neither passed up the opportunity to tell him so.

Mike really set himself apart when he declared that he wasn't only deciding what kind of lawyer he wanted to be, but what kind of person. It truly sums up the journey Mike is taking. I, for one, am anxious to see where it leads.

Other highlights:

  • Harvey and Louis reminiscing and placing wagers on the outcome of the mock trial.
  • Mike recruiting Donna without even having to ask.
  • Donna's performance on the stand.
  • Harvey being a closet Trekkie.
  • Harvey and Donna trading witty banter over Scotty.

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